Microsoft strikes back at Google, Apple and others by the troll patents against Android

Microsoft strikes back at Google, Apple and others by the troll patents against Android

A few months ago, Google was attacked by a strong demand for patent violation. The complaint in question was filed by a group specially dedicated to it, this is the Rockstar consortium , formed by Microsoft, Apple, RIM, and Sony Ericsson. Fundamentally are a partnership based on a number of patents acquired from hit book worth 4.5 billion dollars, of which Apple contributed 2.9 of these. These patents were purchased from the telecommunications company Nortel in 2009 when it was dissolved.

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The news that Google has been attacked by a number of patents is not new, how are you been seeing companies employ all kinds of crawling techniques to hinder the progress of the other, in a clear demonstration of the perfect American society that exists. If from now our attention is because focuses on the key part of the business of Google, the search engines and Android and their relationship with manufacturers.

Google has filed a counterclaim to Rockstar to clarify that perhaps their Nexus devices with the Android operating system have no offense. With this Google separates the manufacturers of these problems to receive full responsibility within it. To further defend Google lawyers have decided to directly attack Rockstar.

Rockstar does not produce products or practice their patents. Instead, Rockstar has a staff of engineers in Ontario, Canada, examining successful products of other companies to find anything that could be used in Rockstar demand and extract its patent licenses under threat of litigation.


have basically painted a series of Rockstar as corporations troll, claiming that interfere with business relationships and therefore Google should be fined.

Some time has passed, Rockstar decided to meet with these companies in California to deter them from using Android as a mobile platform on their devices in order to interfere with the business relationships of Google. A difficult position for companies like Sony, which on one hand are manufacturers of Android for many years and on the other hand they want to cash easily patent war.

As a side positive both U.S. Supreme Court and Congress want to change the way these old patents are used to attack each other, let’s hope that these reforms are as soon as possible and solve a system of broken patents.

In the text quoted is a section titled “Rockstar’s Campaign Against Android”, basically a front to the alliance between all brands and manufacturers of Android that is the basis of successful operating system attack. Google by buying Motorola tried to protect their backs to such attacks, but apparently seen have had no choice but to strike back at Rockstar directly pending patent troll these are illegal.

Source: Judicial Court for the Northern District of California (PDF)
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