Mills microscopic able to charge the battery of the mobile

micro-mills-of- Wind

There are many ways to get energy for our Android smartphone. The easiest and most obvious is the power plug and forget. You can also do for less conventional methods such as wireless charging or solar charge . Another method is to use the kinetic energy caused by the movement to power our device, similar to what we saw in the Samsung bike .

Using this same concept is how the wind energy. Now a pair of researchers from the University of Texas at Arlington, Smitha Rao and JC Chiao have devised a concept to help load the mobile through the use of tiny windmills.

These mills have a size of 1.8 mm maximum , 10 of them fit on a grain of rice, which means they are small enough to be inserted anywhere, also mobile, without than we realize.

The effectiveness of energy collection to be seen, but it is an interesting idea. The ingenious micro grinders like these may never see them perse on smartphones, but often leads to alternative ideas that are developed based on them and yes impacting the end in improved technology we use.

A resistant nickel alloy is the material chosen to construct these windmills and not suffer any disruption due to strong winds. A Taiwanese company has secured the rights to use this technology and is already looking for ways to market it. So far we believe it is too early for something like that, but researchers are optimistic and expect that through these windmills could be built giant panels to capture energy houses.

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Mills microscopic able to charge the battery of the mobile
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January 13, 2014

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