Mint Browser, the browser Android Xiaomi for phones with low RAM and memory

Mint Browser, the browser Android Xiaomi for phones with little RAM and memory

Maybe Android is the kingdom of Chrome in what web browsers are concerned, but on Google Play we have not a few alternatives to the proprietary software of Google. If something has the Android is that we have a huge variety of alternatives to almost all of the apps, and browsers are one of the more solid proposals are.

Xiaomi has its own, one which is called Mint Browser and that it has an aesthetic perfectly recognizable if you’ve used any phone of the brand with MIUI on board. the call It Mint Browser, currently going by the version 1.3.0 and provides us with all the power of a great browser in just 11 mb of download. Ideal for phones with little RAM and little storage.

Mint Browser: dark mode, free and without ads

As we said before, Mint Browser is now in version 1.3.0. It is a browser able to run on any Android with 4.4 KitKat or higher, and we only have to download 11MB for us with him. If we compare this with the 44MB of Google Chrome or with the 45GB of Opera, there seems to be no discussion was possible, although it is still unable to overcome the 7.5 MB of Opera Mini, one of its main competitors.

With an interface pretty clean, very classic of the last designs that we can find in MIUI, Mint Browser is converted in a browser ideal if our phone has 3GB of RAM or less, because its consumption is fairly small in this sense. We talk about a browser, very lightweight, and that offers some attractive features such as the fact that you have a shadow version, a night mode.

Xiaomi Mint Browser

it is Not a browser we can install only on phones Xiaomi but is available to any Android user. Mint Browser features, also with the option of search by voice, with a load of pages fairly quick and, for the moment at least, remains free and has no advertising in its interior. Let us hope that Xiaomi decide to keep it that way for a long time.

Browsing incognito, blocking pop-ups, cookie management, saving data and much more

Among its options, we find and others are so useful as a blocker of pop-ups, control over our cookies, the possibility of change in what form we will see the multiple windows and also we can change the user agent from the advanced settings. So, we will be able to navigate as if we were an Android, an iPhone, an iPad and even a PC.

if that weren’t enough, and as an added bonus to this orientation for phones of low power, we also have on-board an option to save mobile data when we navigate away from a WiFi. There is No doubt that this Mint Browser, with the buttons on the bottom to handle it more comfortably in a hand, it is a good alternative if we are looking for options in terms of web browsing is concerned. We leave you below the download link.

Mint Browser - Lite, Fast Web, Safe

Mint Browser – Lite, Fast Web, SafeVaries according to version

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Mint Browser, the browser Android Xiaomi for phones with low RAM and memory
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December 24, 2018

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