Miracast: What is? How does it work? ? I can use?

A major news that brought Android 4.2, is the insertion of a new protocol broadcast video and audio via WiFi network. This protocol was introduced as early as July this year, but did not have much expansion, some companies bet on it with a special software: Samsung (Galaxy S III) and LG (Optimus G). In the latest version of Android available this feature is implemented as native , which all androids that are manufactured from now on (starting from the Nexus 4) should be able to use it.

A major news that brought Android 4.2, is the insertion of a new protocol broadcast video and audio via WiFi networ...

Miracast has come to Android.

What is Miracast

Miracast is a new protocol that allows us stream audio and video using WiFi between devices. It relies on the WiFi network available (802.11n), using 2’4GHz and 5GHz bands. With this, you can enjoy any media on any device in our environment. Provided support this technology, of course.

Focusing on security, Miracast supports WPA2-PSK encryption, so we share everything safely. The system, in addition to “copyright protection “. Although that leaves us a little worried, why should not. I do not think that prevents us from playing content downloaded by alternative routes and, if so, I doubt anyone it uses this system to play movies or music. We always stay the HDMI …

How it works

Basically, it’s similar to what Apple calls Airplay . It is not necessary that both devices are connected to the Internet. Only need they share the same local network. The system is based on the transmission of a file from one terminal to another via WiFi network available. So we get our share content between smartphones, tablets, televisions, etc.. Moreover, no influence the manufacturer or model of equipment, since the protocol is the same.

GoogleTV has started to assemble this technology. Have also been added to the car manufacturers as Sony, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Nvidia, Intel or Marvell. They have achieved the relevant certification, so we could see teams capable of supporting this feature soon.

In Android 4.2 got the system takes software that can natively handle Miracast. Before we talk about cases like the Galaxy S III and Optimus G, but both have proprietary software and not at all the same. Whether any android can use this system is an incredible advancement.

Miracast I can use? now?

If you have

AllShare of Samsung, “you’re already using.” The quotes are because the system is almost the same. Although unfortunately, and for most users, the answer is: no. Can not use Miracast if we do not have a software on the phone able to handle it. And even if it were, need the TV, tablet or player in question dispusiese hardware and software.

Miracast has a feature that makes it particularly attractive, your backwards, ie the possibility of be implanted in Android smartphones that do not have it by firmware or software update. Although I do not know if the manufacturers will work to make our smartphones can enjoy the upgrade … having precedential system updates, who knows.

For now, only devices that mount Tegra3 chips Miracast enjoy as Nvidia was the first to support. The apparatus of eco-P series Samsung also are fully supported.

The above words can discourage anyone, but I think it is quite encouraging that manufacturers like SONY, LG and Samsung have unveiled that will begin to market TVs capable of supporting this system early 2013. This leaves us with a smartphone maybe Miracast and can support a range of products able to work with it but they are in production yet.

Hopefully this new technology will open all a new range of possibilities, since using the WiFi network to share content between devices is something that was a little slope. I predict a future entirely favorable .

How about Miracast? Do you think anything will improve in your way to share content? Express yourself in the comments!

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Miracast: What is? How does it work? ? I can use? Miracast: What is? How does it work? ? I can use? Miracast: What is? How does it work? ? I can use?

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