Mitab Wolder Diamond: 9’7 inch Dual-core and ICS for € 239

The market for tablets is a bit off (or so we left a little further out) since they began to know the first details of the new LG Nexus . In fact, the tablet market is a little stand because, apart from the impact and sales and fight Nexus7 now created with Apple and MiniIpad , not heard the latest news about what tablets removed or not other firms . Few have the ability to do marketing to make their devices as Google, Apple or Samsung. For this reason, since the android Libre, we always try to show them that there are Android tablets that not need a strong brand to be good .

Today we learned that Wolder , a company dedicated to various services (consumer electronics, Brico, car accessories …) decided to jump into the high-end tablets and provide a device which is quite close to BBB (good, nice and cheap). It is true that perhaps are not well known, but they themselves call themselves “leaders sales of tablets and ebooks in Spain “. So, if you look a little, maybe someone you know has a device in his house.

tablet which have submitted is called, Mitab Diamond . This has several strengths. Noted for its screen , which reaches a viewing angle up to 178 º , the material that is made of this . Your processor is not far behind, and meets the standards to which we are accustomed in recent months. The full spec list is as follows:

9’7 inch LCD screen Capacitive (10 points) with IPS Ultra Bright Crystal

  • Resolution 1024 × 768 px
  • Dual-Core Processor 1’5GHz
  • 3D Graphics Processor with 4 cores
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 1GB

  • of DDR3 RAM
  • 16GB internal memory (expandable to 32GB by MicroSD )
  • 2 megapixel front camera
  • out MicroUSB (host)
  • out miniHDMI
  • WiFi b / g / n
  • Weight: 634G
  • Dimensions: 243 x 190 x 10 mm
  • The truth is that looks pretty good. Its features are not negligible, although due to the recent announcement of the Nexus7 all we seem a little out of place. MicroUSB port host gives enough points . There is always a tablet which can directly put a pendrive or hard drive. Although can buy the tablet from Google for 200 € about may not seem cheap us toil away € 239 on this tablet . Wolder has done a good job inserting it in the current market.

    Although it comes at a bad time for buyers androids, I’m sure many bet for this brand and this model . We all want the Nexus models and all companies will find it difficult to compete with them. Hopefully future users of this tablet, Good luck with your purchase . We have bad experiences with tablets low cost . Although there are some always to do their work even better than expected at first.

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    Mitab Wolder Diamond: 9’7 inch Dual-core and ICS for € 239
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    October 25, 2012

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