MiTurno Pro: a calendar app to manage and organize all work shifts

Planning Shift

There are applications that are only useful for certain people, but these are truly indispensable in your day-to-day. Today we want to talk about MiTurno Pro, a calendar app specialized job to manage and sort all work shifts. If like so many other people, your job has a rotating shift then you want to know this application.

MiTurno has two versions, one of them free during a year of shifts and other Pro version where for the price of 2.79 euros we have access to statistics, work groups, and the possibility of modifying all the shift many times as you want. We have tested the two versions, and we believe that with the free version is enough to get an idea of if we will or not. Although everything is said, in the event that set more than a year of shifts, surely worth to pay something less than three euros it costs.

Create Pattern

The main screen of MiTurno is basically a calendar. Through menu upper right will give you a drop down with all the options. The main will be to create a work pattern. For example from Monday to Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Or any combination that our work requires.

The advantages of MiTurno is that precisely all the options are already covered not only the classics, but we have options as varied as low, strikes, holidays, shifts, intensive morning, last night shift, paid leaves… over 30 options to adapt the calendar as our schedule.

once you have chosen the composition of a week we can apply it in the calendar. Here we can make it to repeat every month, week, yes week or not, or any pattern required. MiTurno allows us to introduce also in the days festive that we have, add tags to pick up incidents and add shift changes.


The application allows you to customize the type of icons that appear in the calendar, choose the format of the date and the start day of the week, and finally export this database to other mobile in order not to lose any time to something as important as all of our work calendar. We also have the ability to upload this calendar to cloud services such as Dropbox.

Another function, which requires a subscription, is that of occupational groups. Here we will be asked to register and will have access to the schedules of other people. the MiTurno be permitted to apply for changes of day or to talk directly for WhatsApp with that person. Very useful if we have that flexibility, but we want to record and remember what turns we have changed, and with whom.


Yes it is true that in future updates we would like to find a design something more updated, but it seems to us a calendar application work as complete. And besides, it is very easy to use, which was appreciated as they manage something like the shift work, it is important to.

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MiTurno Pro: a calendar app to manage and organize all work shifts
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June 7, 2018

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