Miyamoto explains the strategy of Nintendo is to combine the old with the new

From development teams to the use of its trademarks.

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Shigeru Miyamoto believes that combining teams of developers both beginners and veterans is positive and insists that it is giving ever more authority to the young members of Nintendo.

“I’m giving more responsibility to young people and I think we owe them that we have set up a structure of development unique and own of Nintendo,” explains Miyamoto. “I want to continue to facilitate its growth while preserving the unique way of Nintendo to make games”.

take Advantage of the existing brands also as a combination of old and new

The shareholders asked the directors of Nintendo how it should evolve Nintendo to adapt to the new players and the changes that are taking place in the market.

In that sense, Miyamoto insisted on giving way to the new generations of creatives, but also reflected on the sagas of Nintendo and the combination of innovation and tradition.

“The reason that I am delegating responsibilities in young people is not because you feel you can’t be in contact with the young audience. And I do not think that Nintendo is holding their classic and not to be able to create new things. Not to worry because we are able to respond to a wide variety of preferences of the mudno current,” says Miyamoto.

“In baseball, if you want to make a home run, you need a final blow to send the ball out of the stadium. In the same way, we take the creation of new and risky games without fear of failure., And as Nintendo has the strength to do that, we can try to make home runs rather than to hit loose. For me, this is the entertainment business”.

“We take the creation of new and risky games without fear of failure”

Miyamoto believes that the current era “is like a dream for us,” after you have passed the period of expansion of the potential audience of the video games to do something really massive among the general public. And is now “the number of consumers with access to games, has expended greatly. And now better understand the digital media, so this is a really good idea can create a great business in a blink of an eye”.

In that context, Nintendo benefits from their “characters are known by multiple generations, such as Super Mario, who will turn 35 years old next year. Super Mario Party has sold more than expected in multiple demographic groups and I have seen that consumers can always get back if we took these characters and we create products fun. It’s about giving value; that is the essence of our strategy with the brands. This is not to grab hold of the names of the sagas, so stay tuned to our upcoming games”.

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