Mobile phones that marked an era in Spain

mobile phones that marked an era in Spain

We review some mobile phones that, far from being the best in their day, were in many of our pockets, for its great value.

At present there is no doubt. In Spain are sold increasingly more mobile free, and without surprise as anyone, most are Android smartphones. It’s amazing how everything has changed since 2008-2009, when Spain reached the iPhone and HTC Magic and href=””> Dream, the first Android terminal. Certainly, in the time that elapses from those years so far, smartphones have changed the way we live and consume information and not only we communicate. But before that there was a great wave of phones that also evolved rapidly and brought great changes. Today we will review a few.

Nokia 5110

 Nokia 5110

I always keep fondly as the first phone that had my parents, when I was about 6 years. Although it was heavy, we always thought that, compared to previous models, was small, and their autonomy was very good . In Spain, as elsewhere in the world, soon became the most popular mobile phone, and as a child, see any of them was wanting to use it and spend hours playing on the Snake , which debuted in the family Nokia. In addition, for lovers of personalization, it was ideal for bring faceplates. Undoubtedly, one of the mythical Nokia phones .

Alcatel One Touch Easy

one touch easy

That same year it was clear that Nokia was the leading company market as its biggest rival in Spain was the Alcatel One Touch Easy , a terminal but many had, even in his day, was pretty mediocre. It was very spectacular, but had virtues as its price and ease of use. A new arrival in the Spanish market operator, Amena, sold many cheap prepaid plans, which is how many of these terminals were sold in first. Something I really liked these phones was the ability to be used with standard AAA alkaline batteries

Ericsson T10s

 Ericsson T10

A year later, came to market the Ericsson T10, terminal type clamshell lower than the Nokia range and that its big brother, the T28. It stood out as a product for young people, and the proof was their wide selection of colors, although in this case they were not interchangeable. It was popularized by its small size and have vibration, but its small screen could not let play. Who had one undoubtedly wanted a Ericsson T28, the best of the time.

Nokia 3310

 Nokia 3310

We real king among all phones that have reigned in Spain. The phone indestrucible . Fashion now lives with covers of mobile lived since 2000 with housings Nokia 3310 . Since the officers were expensive, they surfaced thousands of low quality. Followed with monochrome screen, but now it was more profitable, because in addition to include more games like Space Impact, SMS could be three times longer. It became so iconic, its design became standard in advertisements of polygons or customization, and the center button will always be remembered by all as one of the key pieces of the intuitive technology.

Siemens C60

 siemens c60

Going three years forward in time, we find telephony market greatly changed. Nokia had popularized the cameras integrated into mobile with 7650, but finding economically phone was still quite complicated. Siemens was selling much, and brought us a very cheap terminal -meat of prepago-, but with the possibility of adding a external camera that despite its size, as one might think, was of very poor quality (VGA). It was a basic phone, but have things like ring tones or made it very popular. A similar model but with integrated camera was the Siemens MC60. Bonus: history of Siemens Mobile

Sharp GX15

Sharp GX15

Sharp was a brand that had no tradition in Spain before or after launch, but Christmas 2004 It came a terminal that today could compare to the very Moto G . A phone with a camera, video recording, MMS, Bluetooth, infrared and a decent screen € 99 prepaid, as told Javier Lacort in the Sharp GX15 history. Although, as he has not had a lot of memory or out the best crafted from the moment, I did not have much to envy leading models of the time, and all at a much lower price. I had no phone at the time, but reigned in my school. A year later came the Sharp GX17, which was basically the same phone with a dark light restyling


Mobile phones that marked an era in Spain
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May 8, 2015

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