Mobogenie: Control your Android from your computer


One of the advantages of Android since our operating system came to light complete independence to function or synchronize forgetting the old “Active Sync” Windows Mobile or synchronization with Apple iTunes but, despite the evolution of Android and the growing size of their screens, there are still areas in which the use of a conventional computer or laptop is more likely to do that kind of work do a screen of tablet is a mobile device or smartphone.

Proseray , a member and developer of XDA-Developers has created Mobogenie , a Windows application that creates a graphical environment regarding management commands ADB Android to be able manage from the computer terminal or be without looking at the screen of the mobile computer and simultaneously or remember commands and / or console to run making this easier from an intuitive, graphical environment.

To use this application not need to be Root but have USB debugging enabled will encounter in the developer menu. Once enabled application will be installed on a Windows computer from which you can access the storage device, backup, restore the terminal, install and uninstall applications, accessing data such as SMS or contacts, and more from your PC.

In this way the manage applications, review and manage restore contacts or phone can be made in a simple and enjoyable that from the terminal itself .


Also, Mobogenie is very similar to the already known AirDroid with some advantages as to restore the terminal velocity or offering to do so directly through the USB though The advantage of AirDroid is your web interface that makes multiplatform and not need any cable to your computer communicate with your phone.

Some disadvantages of face Mobogenie AirDroid is that to take full advantage AirDroid is necessary have an account “Premium” because without it the file transfer is limited to a size of 100Mb

Despite the existence of something similar and as AirDroid, the arrival of Mobogenie is a good alternative option but for now is only for Windows operating systems.

You can see more details, screenshots, instructions and download the application from this thread in the XDA-Developers forum and on their website.

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Mobogenie: Control your Android from your computer
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August 19, 2013

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