Mockingbird resurrects: ABC pilot orders the ‘Marvel’s Most Wanted’

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With that of spin-offs and no other day we do not have any news regarding the development of some of our favorite series. And again it is ABC that puts us attentive to fans ‘ Agents of SHIELD ‘ as the chain has commissioned the pilot of its new spin-off: ‘Marvel’s Most Wanted’ .

Do you remember when a few months ago we told you about a spin-off and most likely it was starring Bobbi Morse / Mockingbird (Adrianne Palicki)? For the project later failed and was canceled . But within weeks the thinkers have continued circling the subject, and have convinced ABC to make this new series.

So ‘Marvel’s Most Wanted’ will focus on two revealing the characters ‘Agents of SHIELD’: Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter (Nick Blood’s) and his adventures. As discussed it is not a spinoff “per se”, but has raised from scratch by focusing on these two characters . Well, the truth is that I see a great reasoning behind “is not a spinoff,” so if they say it.

Jeffrey Bell and Paul Zbyszaewski have co-created the series and have co-written the pilot, besides serving showrunners if they succeed … and little else we know, even if the pilot will air independently or as an episode ‘Agents of SHIELD ‘.

Nor dates even know how to try to combine this miniverso SHIELD they are creating, because not want to leave the mother character series. And no wonder, because they are two of the characters that works best for them in ‘Agents’. We’ll have to see how the project, but for now I’m curious to see what will star solo adventures this couple

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Mockingbird resurrects: ABC pilot orders the ‘Marvel’s Most Wanted’
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August 21, 2015

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