More chargers Tesla in Spain

Tesla Motors has partnered with hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and resorts to offer its customers 150 new charging points in Europe. 11 of which are in Spain, thanks to the collaboration of the brand with several luxury hotels.

For electric vehicles are massively adopted, ultimate goal of Elon Musk and Tesla Motors, is need cars without compromise, affordable, good autonomy and that there are charging points available in every major city.

Tesla announced an agreement with more than 150 establishments including hotels, resorts and shopping malls where cars loaded Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X stop while dining, shopping or sleeping. In Spain, the first chargers were installed thanks to the agreement are located, in full, in five-star hotels

This is the list of hotels and loading stations.

All the hotels have made statements for Hipertextual confirm that shippers are fully operational and serving customers from “several days” or “weeks”. Others did not want to comment because of a confidentiality agreement with Tesla, since it is the company responsible exclusively to communicate.

In most hotels, according to their statements, the service is free but exclusive to Hotel guests, as in the case of Hotel Rector in Salamanca. Others, such as the Hotel Claridge, apply a fee of 17 euros per day, as stated by a representative for Hipertextual .

Hotel Maria Cristina says the magazine showing Tesla officially on its website is not limited to customers of its establishment. It is a charger installed last month in collaboration with the City of San Sebastian , as stated by an employee before it, but used the hotel as a strategic place because of the price range of vehicles. It is completely free and has the logo and colors of Tesla Motors representative.

The company is open to more deals. The owners of establishments marry priorities Tesla Motors can receive free installation of connectors Tesla Wall or a discount on the same . It aims to achieve a partnership between the establishment, which can attract new customers, and the vehicle manufacturer, whose priority install all possible.

The chargers are not points fast loading of more than 100 kW , all ranging between 11 kW and 22 kW. That is, four hours are needed to fully charge a Tesla Model S. Ideal for leave loading while sleeping in the hotel, not as “fast” stop.

For now these are traditional points of load . We know there are 4 super fast charging points in Girona, 120 kW able to feed its batteries to complete in 75 minutes. With the points of 22 kW, more common throughout Europe, Tesla has to stay connected to 5 hours

Some hotels make statements for Hipertextual on Tuesday and article will be updated accordingly.


More chargers Tesla in Spain
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