More clues suggest that there will be games of ” Suicide Squad, and Gotham Knights

registered domains on the internet for two video games associated with these characters of DC Comics.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment you have registered two internet domains that suggest that they have in place two games linked characters in the universe of DC Comics: the return of Batman (and allies) and the Suicide Squad.

through the company Mark Monitor, the company has applied for the domain and also This corresponds with the rumors that we have been not months, and even years, listening.

The game of Gotham Knights well could be the project of WB Montreal if we ignore the recent speculation that has been around the future plans of the internal studies of the company. The Suicide Squad would be the project of Rocksteady, although in the past it had been assumed that it was a project cancelled WB Montreal.

Mark Monitor is a company that registers domains for other companies and Warner Bros. is one of their regular customers, so there is not much doubt about who is behind these records.

In any case, we are still far from that this is an official announcement. Speculation about the plans of the company with the intellectual properties of DC Comics have fluctuated between a game of Superman, one with all the Justice League, more titles from Batman and the team of villains Suicide Squad.

therefore, it is possible that these domains of the internet, though recent, are part of a strategy to protect a trademark without necessarily will be associated to a specific product.

Fortunately, it can be assumed that soon we will leave doubts when the company announced their plans already, not for this generation of consoles, but for the next.

More clues suggest that there will be games of ” Suicide Squad, and Gotham Knights
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June 21, 2020

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