More mystery claustrophobic western in ‘The Hateful Eight’

The latest film by Quentin Tarantino, which recovered several interpreters who had worked with him, is all you can expect his staunchest supporters and also mostly devoid of his detractors defects observed in his cine.Pocas may harbor doubts about the expectation that awakens each new film this href=”” American director who has earned the devotion of much of moviegoers thanks mainly to its bold and energetic cinematic style , with the commitment that the tributes and refried , a talking incessantly and sometimes witty , the characters and runaway criminals, the truculence of the bloody excesses and ultimately, violence as popping spectacle , without horrify the public in line with indignation, as pure enjoyment.

More mystery claustrophobic western in ‘The Hateful Eight’

his films to date contains those characteristics, which are the Main features and interests of Tarantino as an author, from the respectable Reservoir Dogs (1992), through the sobrevaloradísima Pulp Fiction (1994), the episode of Four Rooms (1995), Jackie Brown (1997), excessive two volumes of Kill Bill (2003, 2004), unnecessary Death Proof (2007), the last exaggerated Inglourious Basterds (2009) or irregular and brittle Django Unchained (2012), to own The Hateful Eight , which tells what passengers will find an diligence, fleeing a blizzard snow on the roads of Wyoming, in a supposedly friendly stop along the way to Red Rock .Dividida literally chapters air theater that staggered his parsimonious but determined development up nearly three hours long never do, is a film in which the filmmaker allowed some contemplative moments , inspired by the landscape and the western genre, not have happened to others films such as initials, with the gradual opening up of the securities or slow motion in running horses through the snow; in any case, moments of pure cinema much appreciated

Also, avoid very well and not fall into their usual major sins. profuse talks are not going anywhere, and Pulp Fiction with an intelligent script and so full of talks as usual but useful all nothing superfluous not help advance the plot , and explosions late or arbitrary violence that is often go much hand and pot, as in Death Proof , Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained , here, however, all bloodshed for each shot fired, distributed throughout the film, has its proper justification, despite the abuses of hemoglobin which, in any case, also abandoned.

Tarantino is proving to be a good director of actors , with Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell at the head of a valiant cast as the bounty hunter loquacious Marquis Warren and John Ruth, respectively, a group of interpreters in which Highlights Walton Goggins as the southern Chris Mannix and Jennifer Jason Leigh as the perfidious Daisy Domergue . They and Tim Roth, Michael Madsen or Demian Bichir understand that The Hateful Eight , but a western, is a mystery claustrophobic film in the best tradition of the work out of the old Agatha Christie’s similar in spirit, scheme, archetypes, a closed place of action and how to gradually reveal the secrets to Reservoir Dogs than any other of his films, something good.

Besides the in some scenes it looks a little on the tightrope of the likelihood , perhaps tension or generic ambiguity is one of the difficulties of the film, especially because, despite the formidable soundtrack Ennio Morricone, more western flavor in the opening minutes of Inglourious Basterds The Hateful Eight full , and that confuses a little respectable. While we must not get carried to delirium by the reductionist desire and graph to label everything, because a good story is a complex device that draws on multiple streams, do not ignore this generic voltage not rush in without obtuse.

not bloody excesses of the film is fought. Some justify them as a trademark, but are nothing but succumb to own morbid gore and those that drama, the narrative subtleties and twists, there are, care a damn. And so, if you think of something more than cold hard that raises money at the box office, it is not the public better to be directed precisely. Although the last film of this southern contente manager and others.7 us about The Hateful Eight is, for this writer, the most respectable Quentin Tarantino all the way from Reservoir Dogs , despite some risk of implausibility, the generic vagueness and excessive sanguinolencia; faithful to his style, but with a fruitful dialogue and not an unbearable story verbiage, and no violent outbursts without Documentary Support Intelligent Tarantino script and scenes of violence ever justified. – Certain contemplative moments, inspired by the landscape and the western genre. – Interpretations of Walton Goggins and Jennifer Jason Leigh. – The formidable soundtrack Ennio Morricone.- some scenes looks at the film on the tightrope of credibility. – The tension or generic ambiguity; There are some really western. -. The bloody excesses, trademark, to satisfy the morbid gore

More mystery claustrophobic western in ‘The Hateful Eight’

More mystery claustrophobic western in ‘The Hateful Eight’
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