More screen, more power, more battery, better sound and keyboard, so is MacBook Pro 16″

By order comes the MacBook Pro 16-inch Apple, a release that has not a few changes with respect to its previous version and that has been highly anticipated, as it gives answer to some of the failures detected by the appleadictos.The first enhancement is your screen larger: goes from 15.4’ to 16’, which makes the retina screen for laptop larger that has been manufactured Apple up to date. In addition, have been reduced edges a 34% on the sides and 25% in the upper and lower.Has also revamped its keyboard mechanism butterfly and now will be incorporated into the same system that already carry the keyboards Magic Keyboard of the iMac Pro, with mechanism of scissor and that gives 1mm of travel. Account with a profile of keys a little higher and its loudness is very low, thanks to a system of rubber reinforcements patented by Apple that cushions each keystroke. In addition, for the nostalgic, the key Escape returns in physical format to the left of the Touch Bar.Very important to change as for the sound: it has six speakers of high-fidelity (compatible with Dolby Atmos) and includes a system of cancellation of vibrations; and offers three microphones and eliminates the white noise captured by up to 40%.Apple does not forget the battery and includes a new and faster charger that reaches up to 96W (the previous came to 87W). In addition you will have the maximum size allowed by regulation for a laptop (100 watts/hour, before 84), which implies up to eleven hours of battery life, depending on the use.And in addition they have redesigned the system of thermal dissipation, which is a 35% higher thanks to larger fans with blades improved.Internally, for the first time in a laptop from Apple, you can have up to 64GB of RAM and 8TB storage. Also offers a Intel Core i9 of up to eight cores. Its internal improvements provide theoretically up to 80% more performance.In terms of the external design, Apple maintains the philosophy of the previous generation, using the same materials and colors silver and gray space.In summary, the latest offering from Apple for their laptops, and considerably improved six basic aspects: storage, battery, screen, power, sound and keyboard. “Our business customers have told us that they wanted their next MacBook Pro it had a bigger screen, blazing fast performance, the bigger battery is possible, the best keyboard for a laptop, speakers are amazing and a great amount of storage, and the MacBook Pro 16 inch offers all that and more,” said Tom Boger, senior director of product marketing for Mac and iPad of Apple.And besides, another good news that gives us an insight of the technological giant is that the new MacBook Pro 16 inch will not increase its price with respect to the models of 15’ and cleave also of the 2.699 euros.
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More screen, more power, more battery, better sound and keyboard, so is MacBook Pro 16″
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November 24, 2019

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