More than 10,000 wallpapers for your Android in one application

 Many like to go refreshing appearance frequently mobile . There are thousands of ways to do it, we can change the launcher or change the ROM, find new icons or widgets. But the quickest, easiest and the lifetime is to change the wallpaper of our Android. Each plays with his style here. We typically put the face of your dog / cat / boyfriend / mother / …, which puts your favorite series or design something.

I am fairly bland in this, and I like typical funds that come with the system. The Nexus colors, designs and drawings discrete special. Many women opt for a pretty sight with meat, and other somewhat sympathetic, a car or a motorcycle. To all goes well an app that embraces all these genres and allow us to easily change background. For them, today’s article.


This application collects over 10,000 wallpaper all types , colors and tastes. All this divided into categories, there will be about 20 in total. They find everything imaginable. Animals, anime, babies, cars, christmas, girls, computers, logos, games, guns, love, movies, music, nature, sports, retro, 3D, people … A bit of everything to satisfy all users.

Within each category will find pages and pages of wallpapers that go charging. These images are not stored on the phone, but when we open one will be loaded and saved in cache. No clear way to search, we just scroll pages and viewing content until you find something we like. We have 3 tabs, dividing and displaying images by novelty, by number of visits and popularity.

 When accessing a see enlarged image . We can zoom in and see it in detail, and then we can to save it in a folder, or place as wallpaper with one click. It is good that it is so simple. In the menu key will find the only option that is used to clear the cache of all the photos downloaded, but would not use accumulated images.

The application has a good repertoire, but overall I think a very poor app. has a crappy interface, which does not need more but gives a bad image. Navigation is decent, but I not give me the impression that you really have to choose 10,000 photos . In each tab there are six pages long with 6 images each. Without any options or any addition, this app does not offer anything extra. Just a large gallery of images. In my case I prefer search from the PC something more upscale but then have to put it manually.

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More than 10,000 wallpapers for your Android in one application
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December 18, 2012

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