Most people prefer a fast one smartphone safe

Most people prefer a smartphone fast one insurance

Only one in ten people consider encryption and security as important features when purchasing a smartphone.

agencia Reuters news and Ipsos pollster interviewed 1,703 adults during the month of March to know how much consumers trust companies like Apple , especially now that the debate on privacy and encryption is on everyone’s lips since the FBI request the company led by Tim Cook, his collaboration to unlock an iPhone belonging a terrorist involved in the bombings of San Bernardino.

Apple has been given the task of challenging the FBI and not cooperating with the US government. It has proclaimed protector of user data, and say they will not leave aside that responsibility. However, that attitude so committed probably is not even making the company earn points with consumers, then most people do not consider security as one of the most important points when choosing a smartphone .

According to the survey conducted by Reuters, 60% of respondents said they trust Apple to protect your data . These responses are in line with what people on competing companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft said. Despite its position as sharp in the current debate, consumers seem not to care much. The survey was designed to determine whether the struggle of the company has become an exemplary body against users, but no.

One of the most interesting details was the fact that only 10% of people consider security options such as encryption and password protection are the most important features when buying a new mobile . 9 out of 10 respondents the price and performance are much more decisive, and for one-third of respondents are the most important.


Most people prefer a fast one smartphone safe
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March 23, 2016

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