Moto X Force analysis: be tough in the high range is priced

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Motorola maintains an interesting catalog, with few products but very different from each other, with some very successful. The Moto X Force comes as un high-end hard , resistant to all. Even the clumsy .

This phone has everything you could ask a high-end … last year . We have been testing their resistance to our use and we bring all the impressions he has given us.

Moto X Force by the numbers

The Moto X Force is a phone with very good components, but its design may be somewhat clouded at first sight. What we see is a phone 5.4 inches, an unusual diagonal . It is somewhat less than its benchmark, the X Style , making it something more manageable.

inside, the best processor 2015. the Snapdragon 810, although with some hesitation that fly over a controversial heat management, is the most complete and powerful of the year. He is accompanied by 3GB of RAM that remain in LPDDR3 although, faster and more efficient, LPDDR4 modules take some time among us.

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interesting details are the ability to microSDXC. That is, up to 2 TB, where they exist. For now we settle to 200GB, which will result from a large investment in memory, to expand the 32GB of internal memory. Yes, up to 128GB us we can go with the tercera part in price.

Interesting Combo of cameras and flashes, 21 megapixel camera with dual-tone flash in the rear to correct the color. In its front 5 megapixel, flash included for selfies in low light. Its battery is huge, nearly 3,800 mAh and that pushes his rear measuring 9.1 millimeters.

The shock resistance is flag this phone. Your screen ShatterShield promises with good resistance to shock and scratches , besides having a coating that waterproofs against water splashes. That itself is not waterproof

. Moto X Force
Size 149.8 x 78 mm
thickness 7.6 to 9.2 mm, curved
Weight 169 grams
display Amoled of 5.4 inches with protection ShatterShield
Resolution QHD 2560 x 1440, 540 dpi Pentile
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 20nm
Octa Core 4x Cortex A57 + Cortex A53
graphics Processor Adreno 430
Memory 32 GB with microSD slot up to 2TB
(currently the maximum available is 200GB)
version Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop)
Updated 6.0 (Marshmallow)
Connectivity 802.11ac WiFi 2.4 and 5 GHz Bluetooth
4.1 Low Energy
Cat.6 LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 20, 25, 28 and 40)
expansion Ports microUSB 2.0, microSD (2TB)
Camera Back 21 megapixel camera with Flash dual tone
Objective f / 2
Approach phase detection
Video 4K
Front Camera 5 megapixel camera with flash
f / 2
Battery 3,760 mAh
Motorola TurboPower ™ Qi wireless charging
Other waterproof coating
Led notification
Ambient display
Starting price 699 euros

Tougher than beautiful

 Dsc 8096l Copy

behind we have a very similar to X Style, of a similar size and with a back that can be more or less striking phone, but starting is something sober . In the front is where we see that the final design intent is: do Moto X Force indestructible . Or almost.

On the front is where we see the end design intent is: do Moto X Force indestructible. Even if you lose the crystal 2.5D

And we have proven with falls of all kinds, which resists the Moto X Force unblinking. has fallen more than a dozen times to the ground . Although lost to 2.5D glass for a flat Shatter Shield. To give you an idea, this decision is the result of the fourth attempt to fall down the stairs, plus another dozen falls from a height of one meter.

And of course, the X Force is not indestructible (although very resistant). After many hits marks, scratches and bumps sit in a similarly aging phone as you would any other. Unlike any other screen I would have lost in the attempt, of course.

This screen is slightly smaller than those we see in great phones, but with more frames themselves phones a few years ago. This way is like Motorola gets high shock resistance, plus its ShatterShield layer holds almost what you throw .

it is harder than beautiful, and that’s not necessarily bad news. The X Force is made to endure, and certainly this effort is recognized in the market. Who has not seen dozens of people with broken screen of your phone? Or a phone fatter than this, results from a fine phone and a bombproof case? The X Force is not thin, but does not need covers. Grow old, but do not lose forever by an oversight from pocket or table.

the X Force is not thin, but does not need covers

Something curious use of this phone is that once I have already pulled or it has fallen several times that anxiety is lost the phone is broken. Of course, this makes cluelessness me more times with him and finish some extra time on the floor.

It becomes also rare for the Moto are the only ones remain outside of fever fingerprint sensors . Having tried some as the Nexus or Huawei, which take you in the back, the finger will unconsciously the Motorola logo underneath the camera.

In Spain, where no is available Moto Maker to set the colors and materials of our device, and not find the moment to sell back covers to play with style, we have to settle. During the past MWC could see the catalog rear and custom designs, much more striking than our unit.


 image01 href=”″> image01  image01 href=”″>  image01

Amoled perhaps was not the best of ideas

Moto X Force screen

With the Moto X Force back to Amoled , this technology only illuminates the pixels that are not shown black. This makes the contrasts are soaring, seeing a much deeper blacks than LCD screens. Indoors, yes.

On exterior things change. The Amoled, out of the best panels we see today in the market (I say looking at Samsung), have some ballast Outward visibility. The glosses are generally low and this is no exception . Nothing too disturbing, but direct sunlight will have something difficult to see the screen.

No surprises with Amoled: direct sunlight will have something difficult to see the screen

on the other hand, Amoled screens usually have a saturation excessive color . We see this even with the Nexus 6P, which has one of the best market calibrated screens. The exception here comes the part that this filter can not be turned off in favor of a more ‘faithful’ to reality.

On the part of the resolution, Quad HD, the screen is excellent despite not having a full RGB matrix. We have more than enough detail for all kinds of tasks. Although this is where the doubts soar. Does it justify the Amoled on this phone that has a resolution must be ‘more than enough’?

We split. The Amoled are known for their high energy consumption for reaching moderate brightness. In addition, they carry a less subpixel matrix ‘forced’ to mount a higher resolution to be as sharp. Motorola advertises its 540ppi, but these remain at 360 (ie, two-thirds) equivalent matrix LCD RGB (three subpixels) complete. Result? With a Full HD display IPS technology would even more effective resolution (around 400ppi, for this diagonal).

 Moto X Force Pentile Diamond This is the ‘back’ button Android at close range in the Moto X Force

is Quad HD, yes, but with the Pentile matrix resolution apparent end is similar to what would in 1080 real

Meanwhile, operating system level, yes it hard to render interfaces, content and sites to a high resolution, then climbing to a Pentile matrix (Diamond, in this case). This is an extra stress to the system, which involves a battery drain higher.

Therefore, the decision of an Amoled screen implies a higher resolution for the same result and the same brightness energy consumption . This is, in broad daylight, the brightness is not the best offer. But the Amoled is a required important for Active Display, a feature could not be more insistent when showing notifications, as we shall see.

Makes almost like the most , 2015

Moto X Force

with a Snapdragon 810 and 3GB of onboard memory, the Moto X Force should amply fulfill the requirements of a user of ‘high level’ for all uses arising. And so it is. Or rather, almost.

Everything you could ask a high-end .. . last year.

we must not forget that it is characteristics that came in the top end of range for this time last year. winning combination that today, phones with Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of memory knocking on the door appears pale. Moreover, if we consider the starting price of this phone at 699 euros, a figure hardly passable overlooked.

Nexus 5X
(Snapdragon 808)

Moto X Force
(Snapdragon 810)

Nexus 6P
(Snapdragon 810)

Edge Galaxy S7
(Exynos 8890)

before v6.0 *

45463 *


61623 *

112 920


Single: 1,215 Multi
: 3,461

Single: 1,320
Multi: 4,695

Single: 1,342
Multi : 4,778

Single: 2,117
Multi: 6,063

But right it is that this phone does not get much to be the last in your list of technical characteristics to provide a formidable performance on a daily resistant housing. And it does. More or less.

With the power of the smartphone a couple of years now is complicated them out all the performance they deserve. Still, there are certain uses that do take advantage of a greater or lesser extent always run rampant figures. I’m talking about tasks like web browsing (who has not encountered heavy pages?) Or multitasking.

Moto X Force, performance



Geekbench 3

Single: 1,320
Multi: 4,698


Chrome: 5,007
Metal: 2,659
Multicore: 2676

GFX Manhattan 3.1

Onscreen: 12 fps
Offscreen: 20 fps

GFX Car Chase 3.1

Onscreen: 7.1 fps
Offscreen: 12 fps


Slingshot 3.1: 1,911
Ice Storm Utd .: 26,686

PCMark Workbench


PCMark Battery

8 hours 29 min

Multitasking following without giving too much of themselves in general in Android except for a few cases where, of course, enter the Google Nexus. In this case we would say that is saved, in part. Yes partly because supports a good number of applications preloaded on memory , hovering around the dozen in our tests. But partly not because for some reason when we try to change many times from one application to another, even if they are pre-loaded into memory, has just introduced a delay a lag , which makes cost more than we would say ideal.

In any case, a performance with little to envy the high-end today, with improvements and little noticeable for most uses.

therefore, performance may not be identical to a Nexus 6P operating at full lung although some features are apparently the same: resolution, processor and amount of RAM. You may have something to do with the difference in the generation of memory, which in this X Force LPDDR3 stays in front of the newest LPDDR4 the 6P.

 Moto X Force front

in any case, a performance with little to envy the high-end today, with little noticeable improvements and for most uses. Mandatory speak, although at all tarnishes this phone theme heat in the Snapdragon 810 . What if I’m squeezing butt my phone for a while? Well, it warms. Anything I should worry about? No .

With the Snapdragon 810 is limiting performance is as heated. It is a safety mechanism that prevents the processor rise above certain temperatures and possible damage. ‘Thermal throttling’

It is called and yes, you can limit the performance of the terminal when we are operating with heavy workloads for long time. We have been tested to pass a series of tests Antutu consecutively, from the Cell ‘rested’ cold (room temperature), and see how it evolves its performance. As we see, the yield drops to about 40% over the original. After these measures we introduce it in the freezer for a few minutes, and again we see the score of the first bar

Why do not matter? For applications generally just use the resources CPU and GPU load to a minimum , with many cores directly disabled. Many applications are not written to run on multiple cores, and do not get ‘stress’ enough to the system to see a rise in temperatures and the consequent drop in performance.

The Moto X Force has a loudspeaker in front, even if they seem both. The reality is that quality and much of sound coming from him is more than enough , even quite superior to other phones themselves are stereo.

correct Autonomy, although it is expected more

Moto X Force

with 3,760 mAh within this Moto X Force could expect a great autonomy, those that are above 5 hours of active screen. In our case, at least, it has not. Yes comes without too many problems to 4 hours, but not beyond .

With mobile I try, I always do the same. Install all applications that use active notifications where I need, I synchronize my accessories via Bluetooth, a podcast or listen to music, use messaging applications with a photo and surf the internet and social networks mercilessly until the day ends. Or the battery.

And there go the 4 hours (3 and a half ever) screen. With this phone, many days I’ve gone to bed with some drums and I have continued to use the next day where, inevitably and noon, dies. Android 6.0 and Doze the truth that this (bad) habit no longer takes its toll. Night resists

with about 3,800 mAh would expect about 5 hours of screen on. It stays in four

In that sense, the battery is far from being bad, of course. But with about 3,800 mAh, larger than many phones on the market currently, would certainly good news that lasted more . Yes, the obvious captain helped me to finish that sentence, but it makes sense.

The truth is that, as I said before, I do not quite see the sense that this type of phone screen included Amoled, with Pentile and 1440p. Perhaps a good IPS panel in 1080 would have a resolution effective (let us call it) similar, higher brightness and longer battery life. Total, Motorola tends to show all elements of the oversized interface (the famosos dpi): a high resolution is not used to display more content

<. img alt = "Moto X Force Battery Quick Charge" class = "centro_sinmarco" src = "" />

A great evils great remedies. The battery is huge and next to Moto X Force and fast charging Power Charge ™ , typical of Motorola, can regain a good peak load in minutes. Although we do not have seen this not have the official magazine, Android Authority have comparative good about it. According to their measurements, in half an hour we do with 50% load and an hour will be charged completely.

A camera that behaves

 Moto X Force camera

it seems that the sensor that mounts this Moto X Force is the same as the X Style, and that no is nothing but good news for this phone . True, this is not the last camera available at this point, but amply meets in a fairly wide range of situations .

With Marshmallow, can easily adjust the exposure, giving us a much more powerful camera without adding complexity

This is the Sony IMX 230, 21 megapixel sensor with f / 2.0 and 1 / 2.4 inch size. A good sensor with good focus and performance at low light more than decent. Of course, they pale in front of terminals last batch as the Galaxy S7 in this last section but we have a phone that meets.

I leave you with a few images that speak for themselves.

Img 20160312 181441759 Hdr

Although sometimes the warm filter processing is overemphasized (see pictures attached), in other balance is positive

Img 20160312 180021644 Hdr

The bokeh effect of this camera is quite pronounced and natural

Detail Moto X Force

this is the 100% detail that keeps this 21 megapixel camera

Img 20160312 174204339 Hdr

in HDR mode 21 MP images saved some detail, although come to weigh more than 10MB

Img 20160312 184737710

with the lock exposure (available from Marshmallow) possibilities of a mobile camera increase

photos-moto-x -force

 image01  image01  image01 href=”″> image01

as I mentioned, some of the images we see that a filter warm that force is applied too images. You can take a look at the performance of the camera recording video in various situations, which cuts the image enough coverage for photos. This makes it softer stabilization:

on the other hand, it is interesting that in the upgrade to Marshmallow, available for some weeks, the camera has been updated with a simple and useful thing. It is a blocker of focus and exposure , where in addition to setting a point we can vary the lighting of the scene. Very useful to get that little photographer in all of us without hassle.

 dsc 8135l Copy 2

Software, the fair. And that’s good news

Motorola has characterized since passed through the clutches of Google, for a phone with low customization . This allows them to continue longer with some also more agile than the rest updates, while maintaining the performance and stability in a good place.

Moto X Force flash

on the other hand, also thanks arriving preinstalled few applications and that they have to be always following criteria of utility, as a good gallery or application to connect accessories brand.

there are also some parts that are useful, such as small functions such as turning the phone twice to open the camera or shake to activate the flash . One of the major brands of Moto is its notification system ‘ambient display’. With it we can see who notifies us making use of its Amoled screen (which only turns white areas). Thus, we can see if what comes to mobile we are interested or not before unlocking.

The problem here is that we can not rule out notifications on the fly, but simply let them go accumulating for later. On the other hand, it uses its proximity sensors to know when to move the phone and may interest those notifications. The problem? The slightest movement near him activate your screen, forcing us to look at. href=””>actualización href=””> href=”″>

Moto X Force analysis: be tough in the high range is priced
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April 1, 2016

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