MTV Trax, try the streaming music service from MTV and Samsung

Mtv Trax

in just a few years, the servicios music streamin g preferably have become for millions of users around the world and have forced record labels and artists to rethink their business model. Apps like Spotify or Deezer allow us to create our personalized music at home, work or while we are out, but they are not the only options panorama.

The popular television MTV offers a different proposal from the hand of Samsung. If you’re fond of this music channel you’ve probably seen ads service, based on the concept of ” music streaming “, but interprets it differently. With MTV Trax we need not worry to seek music you want to hear at all times, MTV selects for us and grouped into different playlists according to genre or mood. We tested MTV Trax, we tell you all about MTV and Samsung app


A different concept

Mtv Trax

As mentioned, MTV Trax is committed to a concept that distances itself from regular streaming services . Instead of offering a musical catalog that users navigate to find your artist, album or favorite topic, MTV offers us several playlists that are updated periodically.

In all, MTV Trax houses around 100 songs (although in our case have been 98) spread over different selected by MTV team lists. All topics are available to listen offline and no commercials to interrupt us, but the trouble is that the musical offer is more limited than in other services, but we’ll see later.

One of the drawbacks MTV Trax is that it is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices, so that other users of Android devices are left out. The application is available for free download in Google Play and in the store Galaxy Apps and since the last update, is already compatible with tablets. For the test we used the Samsung Galaxy S6 and also the Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab Active.

Getting Started and subscription model

Mtv Trax

Start listening music with MTV Trax will take you just a minute. Once installed, you have to log on, but the app does not create an account, but you have to draw on your profile Google or Facebook to access.

MTV Trax has no free mode as in Spotify, here only hiring a premium subscription. The price of the service is 0.99 euros per week (3,96 euros per month), but MTV gives us 14 days trial with unlimited access to all playlists and ability to save favorites and share them.

No has free mode as in Spotify, here only hiring a premium subscription.

When you open the app a message indicating that the trial period has begun appears and and we can enter any of the MTV playlist proposed to us.

The interface: simplicity and social component

The interface MTV Trax has a very striking appearance, with large images to illustrate the playlists, and allows you to navigate through the various options intuitively by touch gestures. The service is structured into four tabs are on top. Music, Favorites, Profile and Preferences

Mtv Trax

this is where all available playlists appear in the app at the time, but the content changes since MTV is launching new playlists on a regular basis.

at this point we have to make a point to talk about a very important thing to keep in mind aspect, it is that MTV Trax automatically download the entire catalog musical that is available at that time, which as we said is around 100 songs. In this way we can listen to any song although we have no connection, but it can be a problem if your mobile phone or tablet anda short storage.

MTV Trax automatically download all the music catalog that is available at that time.

in the case of the device has external storage, songs are downloaded by default on the MicroSD card. in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active yes we had MicroSD and downloading has not affected the internal storage, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 has no card slot. The application weighs only 23 MB, but with the downloaded music can be increased to 200 MB. Specifically, MTV Trax occupied in the Galaxy 158 MB and 171 MB Active in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Mtv Trax

When we enter a playlist, we can choose whether we want to play it completely or begin with a particular song. To the right of each item appears a heart icon to add it to favorites . In this way we can create our own list of styles and artists that we like, but not last forever.

favorite songs will remain until MTV decides to remove the playlist in which it appears to replace it with a new one, so you lose the items stored, but you can add new ones. Besides adding favorites, all playlists and songs can be shared by multiple services like Facebook, Twitter or Google +

Mtv Trax

playback controls offered by MTV Trax are fairly straightforward. When you click on the play bar at the bottom of the screen, a screen album artwork big, and the playback controls at the bottom opens. Besides the classic Play / Pause, skip or return to the previous, also include the button to start random play and classical function to repeat issues.

As for audio quality, MTV does not offer details on the format and file compression, but seeing the little space they occupy, all indications are that are files MP3 128 Kbps or 192 at most habitual-what in these platforms.

Mtv Trax

in the Profile simply appears the image we have associated with the account you have logged in and as we are still in the trial period, a link to give us high as Premium . Finally, Preferences can be configured that downloads can be made through mobile or WiFi-only data.

MTV Trax, advantages and disadvantages

The idea we proposed with MTV MTV Trax is the original and away from conventionality, but is not without limitations. The first and most important is the musical offer, which is reduced to only 100 songs in front of the more than 30 million tracks offered by Spotify , the streaming music service leader in our country.

MTV Trax is original and away from conventionality, but is not without limitations

the interface MTV Trax is very convenient when navigate between the available content. Touch gestures and simple structure, differentiated into several tabs we liked more than the proposal Spotify, which is easy to “get lost” ‘Of course this has to do with the enormous difference between the supply of each of the services .

The musical selection has seemed sparse but interesting, especially by the fact that is updated periodically as well as price. In total, MTV Trax costs about 3.96 euros per month (0.99 euros a week), less than half the Spotify subscription (9.99 euros), but in this case no mode free. After the trial period, the user must decide whether to start paying or uninstall the app and forget it (if we look at the ratings on Google Play, is what happens in most cases ).

what you can listen to all music offline is also interesting, but it would not hurt to allow us to choose which playlists want to download and which not. Finally, MTV Trax is compatible only with Samsung devices, which greatly reduces the scope of the service. Although the idea is original, the business model of the application is more focused on advertising agreement to have Samsung and MTV to offer a complete and versatile service to users.

MTV Trax is not an application for user you are looking to have all the music you want to reach, but for those who want to give it all done. Needless to say, if you do not like music that often put on MTV, this app is not for you.

is not an application for the user looking to have all the music you want to reach, but for those who want to be going all done.

If you urge to try it, here you have all the information and links to download the application, we remind you can taste for free for 14 days



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MTV Trax, try the streaming music service from MTV and Samsung
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May 25, 2016

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