Museum header: ‘Mr. Robot’


Series: ‘Mr. Robot ‘
chain USA Network (2015 -)
Music Mac Quayle

There hipertrabajadas headers, topical headers, philosophical and others who prefer to “pose as” cryptic and minimalist. And then there is the ‘Mr. Robot’; more than a opening an experiment. The header does not exist as a differentiator. Its function built satisfy those huge letters in the image scoreboard; intense and dark electronically displayed at the right moment in history, thus providing a simple way of narrative charge.

Without going too far as the masterful example illustrating this article. And why an opening like that? The creator of ‘Mr. Robot ‘, Sam Esmail, as explained in esta interview: the intention was to get some more film than television credits, precisely this importance in the movies. “That shocking form the basis of the chapter is going to be established: that’s what we have to do the credits”

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“I love how it starts . a film is almost the best part;. simple imaenes waiting for what is going to see, and fills me with excitement is so incredibly important and so fucking exciting … It is a space where you can do whatever you want because you have nothing to consider, no context, you are creating the context. “

In his mind, references like Pulp Fiction or Kubrick movie The implicit assumption that it is a masterpiece because it is round recognition.; perfect in all its aspects, including the credits: how to introduce more or less innovative resources and even the choice of the source account. To Esmail, it perfectly captured the essence of the series, because it reminded him of the thrillers of the 70s and 80s that have been reference to acclimate ‘Mr. .? Robot ‘** But, do not you remember something more **

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Museum header: ‘Mr. Robot’
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December 17, 2015

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