Museum header: ‘Sense8’

Serial : ‘Sense8’

chain : Netflix (2015)

Music : Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer

The theme running through the twelve episodes of ‘Sense8’, the series for Netflix with which the Wachowski brothers have ventured into television fiction , is the connection between humanity, however we separate geographic and culturally we can be. The eight players are in different parts of the world, but they are connected, and that idea is reflected in the credits.

The sequence lasts almost two minutes and consists of 108 images London, Berlin, Iceland, Mumbai, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Seoul and Nairobi captured by Karin Winslow, woman photographer and Lana Wachowski, except in Nairobi, where there is also footage shot by Tom Tykwer, who He directed some episodes of the series. These 108 images are detailed in the blog TV Trippin then pass so quickly before our eyes, that costs sometimes distinguish them.

All of them also are A crescendo of the quietest to the most frenetic according to the tune composed by Johnny Klimek and Tykwer. Both contributed music and ‘The Cloud Atlas’ also Wachowski and another collaborator Klimek and Reinhold Heil, were responsible for another very prominent television soundtrack of the canceled ‘Awake’.

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Museum header: ‘Sense8’
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June 25, 2015

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