MusixMatch 7.0 renews completely its design and improving its integration with Spotify and Apple Music


MusixMatch is the application for identify songs that are playing. Now updates to the version 7.0 with a profound remodeling of its design and a commitment to integrate services like Apple Music or Spotify, two applications of streaming music that connect strongly with the idea that seeks to offer MusixMatch.

in Addition to identifying songs we have options like instant translation of the letters, integration with Spotify and floating control. Now with MusixMatch 7.0 has changed the design, the improvement in the floating window and is trying to strengthen the contribution of the users to promote the community and begin to create a kind of social network around the lyrics of the songs.

MusixMatch improvement to convince you to use their premium version


An application can have many users but it is also important that these habitually used and if it can be, that they’re even willing to pay for it. MusixMatch has a Premium version that by 14,99 euros / year (10,49€/year now, on offer) or 1.49 euro per month we have the same application but without advertising and with the possibility to download all the songs offline.

So that a user is willing to pay it should offer a good service and MusixMatch is in a position to have it. the design Material Design is very worked. From the main screen we will receive recommendations based on our tastes and be able to access directly the lists of Apple Music or Spotify.

Musica Spotify

The background screen of MusixMatch, we can adapt to our taste. But the strength comes in the tab of “Help”. There you will see a list of the songs that have been updated, which we have, which are translated and we can also help in synchronizing the letters and improve their translation.

Musixmatch 7

the lyrics of The songs is accessible at all time from the classic tab is a floating that we can move all over the screen, again more compact, choose a background transparent and even have a widget similar in the lock screen.

Another option is choose a specific phrase from a song and create a postcard from it. With a very simple design we may associate a photograph, increase the size of the letter and of course share these phrases deep in our social networks.

Share Sentence

If you like to know the lyrics of the songs, MusixMatch is an essential application. They have many years behind and in addition offer a great service, want to take the next step in the monetisation of the platform. To do this seem to be betting by creating a community around the recommended songs and the lyrics translated. A job that they hope it doesn’t go unnoticed, either by the users or by a possible buyer.

Musixmatch Music Player Lyrics

Musixmatch Music Player Lyrics

  • Android Version: the from 4.0.3
  • Developer: Musixmatch
  • Download: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: the Music and audio

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MusixMatch 7.0 renews completely its design and improving its integration with Spotify and Apple Music
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December 18, 2017

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