Muting contacts and use customized notifications WhatsApp

The latest version of WhatsApp Android that already for download through its website and will soon reach the entire world Google Play brings two new features that users take quite a few years asking for.

Finally we can silence contacts and customize notifications for individual contacts and groups with the sound and / or light notification know who has sent us a message through WhatsApp


Mute a contact on WhatsApp


Al contact groups can now mute. silence a contact WhatsApp first thing we have to do is access your information, either by clicking on its name from the chat or accessed from “Menu> View contact”. There in his information sheet, the new Notifications section and only have to activate the mute option. We can silence the contact for 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year .

Customize notifications for a contact or group


In this new section we can also see the new custom notifications . As the name suggests can customize notifications for each of your contacts and groups. Among its options you can change the notification tone, the tone, the color of the light of the notification and set the vibration

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Muting contacts and use customized notifications WhatsApp
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