My experience to switch to using a mechanical keyboard

Since I had my first computer, the store closest to my home electronics became my favorite place to visit. From a young age I have always felt a need to build up my computer peripherals to a level that borders on obsession. Headphones , mice, monitors, mousepads , hubs USB pendrives, and, of course: keyboard


Over the years the more you buy, use, testing and break it, you start to get better idea of ​​ how good they are and what materials will last longer . Of course, you begin to understand where the high price for something “premium” makes sense and where is a manufacturer selling the prestige of their brand rather than a product of real quality with expensive parts.

Mechanical keyboards

Many years ago were the standard, but the low prices of manufacture of Membrane keyboards are very cheap , eventually displacing the monsters of several kilos of weight and noisy keys. The huge majority of people got used to using membrane keyboards, and are happy as well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. They are cheap keyboards, lasts for six months in good condition is pretty, but replace them and buy a new one is not much pain on the wallet … unless aces count of how many you have bought in the past five years.

My obsession with peripherals made me buy a new keyboard roughly three or four times a year. All local stores, where to get mechanical one chance, is more difficult than finding the lost ark. So I had no idea of ​​the range of options that I was missing. The ergonomics of Microsoft were the most successful for quite some time, but nothing memorable, just a plastic keyboard more. Last year my partner Felix wrote a great post about why you should use a mechanical keyboard and I must confess that after reading it was the first time that I took seriously the idea. I recommend reading if you are curious, plus describes quite well some of the most important characteristics of a mech .

Is it justified to spend money on a simple keyboard?

Buy a mechanical keyboard only makes sense if you are a person who writes a lot, otherwise it is more wasteful than an investment.

Mechanical keyboards are not for everyone , buy a keyboard for $ 100- $ 300 no sense if barely write. It is the same sense as buy a professional camera and objectives of hundreds of dollars if only you take selfies and your cat photos to publish on Instagram. Unless you about money and not get and where to spend it is justified to spend five or ten times the amount it costs an average membrane keypad.

I spend all day writing . If you’re a writer, blogger, programmer, or gamer, mechanical keyboards are something you want to consider.

When I was in the 5th grade we had a kind of weekly computer where “learned Paint” and so on oil extraction and refining of oil _ (ツ) _ / ¯ things Venezuelan schools … Now, what is important about this story is that the keyboards of those computers were mechanical, and even remember the nice tactile feel they had, and the charming sonidito tlaca tlaca . Between the memory and all that I researched before investing money on them, enough to convince me.

A complicated decision

buy a mechanical keyboard is not like buying a pendrive 8GB, there are many things to consider. What switch do you want? What size you want to be the keyboard? How much resistance to touch you think will be the most comfortable for you? How much you like or bothered by noise? What materials you want the keys? What colors you want the keys? What distribution fits your needs? Want to personalize it? Would you be backlit? How many of the things you want are compatible with your budget?

If you want to make the best decision you have to read far the best thing I can think is that you go to r / mechanicalkeyboards and read the wiki for several days, so you can make the best decision and feel you spent your money well.

Life with a mechanical keyboard

My cute mechanical keyboard

The two most beautiful things in a mechanical keyboard are its pleasant tactile feel and sound they generate.

When I decided to buy my first mechanical keyboard did with a maximum budget in mind $ 100 (being the first time, do not “going crazy”), that, plus shipping and taxes would end up costing me good money. So I read endlessly and researched everything I could. Lots of times I ended up wanting a more expensive, vanity keys and custom designs. But I ended decidiéndome for CM Storm Quickfire Rapid Tenkeyles with siwtches Cherry MX Blue (that’s no numeric keypad) I got on sale at Amazon almost half of the normal price. Depending on the switch to choose the price can vary in the same model as every so often a kind of switch can be scarce and its price rises.

The design is not the prettiest in the world, but according to all the reviews that I read is a high quality keyboard, and you can always change the set of keys in the future if you get bored. I ended up paying less than $ 100 and found it an excellent investment. When the package arrived home my enthusiasm was paid handsomely. Not only feels the overwhelming difference in quality between this and any other keyboard I had before , but touch typing feel is extremely pleasant.

A mech you can customize the maximum, because too many options of all its components.

This keyboard will last me many years as switches Cherry MX are guaranteed at least 50 million keystrokes . The noise they make reminds me a little outrageous sound of old typewriters in typing I learned when I was 9 years old. Yes, maybe there that have a touch of “hipster” to want to use such a thing, but do not say no if you’ve tried it.

Another interesting thing is the community surrounding lovers of mechanical keyboards . Like everything in life, there are people who take their hobbies more seriously than others. It is a very interesting hobby, at least if you like that sort of thing. Share designs, talk about keys, new models, manufacturing, etc. The customization possibilities are so great that anyone can print your personality on your keyboard. It’s a world I begin to know, but rather enjoy.

If your life requires you to spend a lot of time casting key in front of a PC, it is important to be in top condition . If we invest in a good monitor, a good mouse and a good keyboard, our life will be easier and enjoy else what do we do. It may sound exaggerated, but since I got this keyboard each letter I write I enjoy it more than ever, the feeling that generates each button may activate a pleasure center in my brain that only geeks lovers mech have . That or I’m crazy

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My experience to switch to using a mechanical keyboard
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