My experience using exclusively DuckDuckGo

My experience using DuckDuckGo exclusive

I’ve been using DuckDuckGo as my default search engine in browsers. What I like and what not.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not care about what you want, does not collect your information and not advertising shows you according to your history. Sounds great and everyone loves it, but … you really can replace Google?

Unlike most users did not move for suspicion of Google using my data or hatred its approach to business. It’s just that Google was becoming less relevant to me, and I felt better being independent of services that, in many cases, a little frightened. Every time I raised if those services used daily as not to test alternative philosophies that I liked more were so good.

Under that premise, I embarked DuckDuckGo exclusive use for months. The trick for me was to set the default on my smartphone and portable search engine, as I always do searches through the navigation bar. Let the things that I like better than Google.


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The first and most evident is the configuration menu very simple and versatile unlike that of Google. Change the themes of the webs, change colors of links, titles and even the font . Having my search with Helvetica Neue is fantastic. This design configuration with the privacy settings, etc. is stored in the cloud mediate a single keyword.


The bangs are feature that when you get used to not leave to use. To search, for example, headphones on Reddit from Google would have to find “reddit headphones” and click on the search or enter and search Reddit. With DuckDuckGo those steps become one reddit headphones . Sometimes I am looking for information for an article and I can search Twitter without going to the website and click several buttons. Just use Google tw and exit the search. So in more than 6,000 sites. It is very useful to save steps in the most visited sites. Of course, there is also g to search directly on Google and gi to search for images. Rare is the time I open Amazon, YouTube, Ebay, etc. without being through DuckDuckGo.

Instant Answers


The instant answers is another very interesting and open to property developers. The downside is that you have to use the keywords in English (later I go into detail). DuckDuckGo offers instant answers that extracted from the websites. Look for films of an actor, recipes with a particular ingredient – ideal for when you only have four things in the fridge – or musical works of any genre songs on SoundCloud link. Expand URL ( expand URL ) or access to Lorem Ipsum are features that I use frequently.

There are many searches but d always ependen appropriate combination of text . It is a process of slow and intuitive learning, should show the power of duck searching for a more accessible way.

How good is the search?

He said the extra you I like and use in my daily life. But the acid test results were. I’m happy with the results and are often as good as Google or marginally worse / better . Sometimes are best because many orders of fitter, according to the timing and importance. The search is not shown by default as Google News, only commands by relevance. This is good and bad, but you can make a bang fast to Google.

The problem is that search in Castilian is not as good . Although you put Castilian language and region Spain continues to attach high priority to results in English as official websites etc. For me it’s okay, I usually find in English or absolute and geographic relevance, but I understand that many users who want to take the plunge cause them a disability.

There is another detail that I do not like. If you set a dark theme on your preferences, to make the first charge will appear on your .css white and preferably then be charged. This creates flashes every time you do a search and it is truly annoying.

I’ve DuckDuckGo months and every time I am happier. I do not think that Google is worse, but different. Once you adapt you is hard to go back, especially when you have Google to a bang .


My experience using exclusively DuckDuckGo
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August 8, 2015

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