Myths and facts about tattoos

Myths and Facts about tattoos

Not all true, and all lie in the ancient art of tattooing. Here are some myths and truths surrounding this art on the skin.

Making the decision to get a tattoo does not always run in a straight line and free conflicting information . If you’ve done some things do not change much and may often find yourself-still a long list of negative reactions from the people around you.

If anything against so we can never win the “tattooed” is based on the appearance of those prejudices and in this case, who discriminate, attacked, offended or simply not accept someone because he is tattooed, denotes a lack of Culture tremendous . It is not mandatory that you like or accept, but certainly this freedom of choice far of discrimination.

The mummy of Otzi, the ” Iceman “has tattoos on his body and dates from 3000 years BC

And it is the oldest history of tattoos date back thousands of years. Yes, Otzi, the famous “ice man” that his body was recovered in the Alps in 1991, is on his wrists, back and legs a series of tattoos in the form of lines. Not only that, in Japan, in tombs dating back to 3000 years BC ceramics representing the dead with facial markings was found.

Throughout different cultures and times, tattoos have been endowed with meanings ranging from the magical, healing, social. They have also had religious authority and used in times of war to their most intimidating fighters, as the case of facial tattoos Maori.

A bit of history

Here is a little history of tattoos and their origins, as mentioned above, goes back thousands of years. The following video is a fun and simple summary of the many that can be found in TED Ed.

When you’re older you’ll regret of sorry tattooed

The truth is that there are people who They regret having a tattoo done. A study by Harris Interactive from 2003 to 2008 revealed that 84% of respondents (tattooed) said they did not regret having tattoos, ie a large majority. And what about the other 16%? They said they felt their tattoos very young have done , repent to be permanent or to change his appearance over the years and, other, to a lesser extent than designing them did not like . So, we can see that this is more false measure and urges us to think carefully about the choice of design and the tattoo.

Tattoos are for rebellious people and criminals

Well, this is a couple of different issues, in the first part, about rebellion, estimated about tattoos, as we have seen in the video, have changed over time and in different cultures and eras. So a generalization is rather a mistake . I would also add, according to the same study by Harris Interactive, mentioned above, the tattooed people do feel they are more rebellious (36%), and almost on par feel sexier (31%).

However, on the issue of crime, we have seen that many times they have used tattoos in criminal gangs, in different times and cultures, but of course, it is no longer possible to make this generalization.



You can not donate blood

Most of the times I’ve heard arguments against tattoos, after leaving the path of social perception is this and step claim that the tattooed people are not healthy . What does happen is that the requirements for donating blood does provide tattoos as a deterrent, but only for a period that can vary from country to country. In the case of Mexico href=”” , it is necessary to have passed at least 12 months in Spain to be ordered six months.

The reason is because when performing a tattoo a wound that goes into the dermis, which is one of the deeper layers of the skin, it makes since that time and until several weeks later, the wound heals, heals and leaves have inflammation. So, this is a period in which blood donors must heal, so it is if you have a cold or have menstruation, defenses are down and is not suitable for donating blood.

You will not get a good job

Certainly one of the arguments that hinder intentions of a tattoo done. To that, I always reply: who wants to work in a place that puts tattooing the professional qualifications of a person Besides, this is not necessarily true in these times not to employ someone to have? a tattoo begins to look like discrimination, and in many areas as science, politics, to name a few, are tattooed people.

is dangerous for pregnant tattoo

We face a Indeed, although not as tragic as versa. Restrictions during pregnancy are many, and how not to be if it is a delicate process. Tattooists advised follow medical recommendations thereon as the healing process of a tattoo it not recommended for pregnant . And the possibility of infection or adverse inks that are “normal” considering that tattooing is, as we saw reactions, almost make a wound .

Another thing to consider is that, much as if you are pregnant or if you think how to do it in the future, tattoos in the lower back are not recommended . This because if in childbirth epidural puncture is required from the skin to the bone through the area where the ink is, this type of anesthesia is contraidicada for tattooed people there.

tattoos explode in magnetic resonance procedures

 Shutterstock - motuwe

Shutterstock – motuwe

Yes, I also remember the chapter on ‘House’ where a patient has to undergo his MRI and this terrible pain caused it. This myth also have seen repeated many times, many times. Is the same Dr. House explains that quality inks varies depending on times and where the tattoos are made. Now the tattooists explain that some people have been told that to get such medical procedures have felt some itching or pain in the tattooed area, but of course not explode . In addition, the metal components in the inks is deprecated in the modern tattoo.

Be tattooist is not a profession

There is nothing further from the this fact. And it is that both persons performing tattoos with traditional tools, to the tattoo with modern machines and charming studios are professionals in their areas have cultural, personal, emotional, artistic background, tremendous . It takes more than a good artist and know scratch the skin, you also have to meet medical, chemical, technological aspects, as well as having a great sensitivity to its customers after all no tattoo that does not have a story behind them.

The dark inks become blue and clear inks hurt more

Here we return to the same point of progress in the composition of the inks, a dark tattoo not blue or green will be necessary over time, this happened more with the inks used in the 50’s and 60’s, and in the ink low quality used in prisons or non-professional tattoos.

Now, as to the light inks, they are often used in the final stages tattoos and this means that are applied in areas that already tattooed and therefore may be sore or swollen from the procedure. Tattooists explain that there is no relationship in the tone of the ink and pain


Myths and facts about tattoos
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May 30, 2015

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