NameTag, application for Google Glass should never allow install


We have seen many applications creepy, but this is probably one that receives more copies over time. His name is NameTag and basically consists scan a person’s face and compare it with a database of records that consists of millions of people.

These databases are created from public data of social networks, name, marital status, school, occupation, interests … all this scanned and displayed on a short card information. And not only tracks NameTag Facebook and others, but even public databases and civil records.

With this unique application can take a mobile, take a picture, and image recognition thanks to contrast it with million images and know who we are. It goes beyond the moment to produce a working application for Google Glass.

They know everything about us

Privacy does not exist. It is a chimera. Share information on the Internet clearly has its risks and is when you post something anywhere you have to understand that sooner or later everyone will have access to it easy.

According to the creators of

NameTag those who want to remain anonymous can stay out of these databases getting into their official website and clearing his name, a step that should be default and not an option to add. But of course, then have not felt such an application. The video clearly shows the capabilities of NameTag.

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“No deals with invading the privacy of anything. The idea is to connect people who want to connect with her. Even allow users to have a profile to see during business hours and another who only see in social situations. ” Well thought out, but scary to think what we can do with Google Glass

Against Google privacy policy

Fortunately, Google has a privacy policy very clear about . not allow applications with face recognition on Google Glass.

That said, it is very easy for developers to get your app distributed through channels other than the officers. You are excited about the future of Glass, yes, but with applications like this wonder how far is too far.

When we go down the street and everyone can not make us recognize so funny. Talking to strangers and to maintain an interesting conversation because you knew your taste is very interesting, but honestly, we do not need things to facilitate such about to become a social inept without the support of technology.


Another point that developers have tested is NameTag criminal records, with more than 450,000 entries in USA. This will allow us know if the person identified is a potential danger to us . Something similar had to think NYPD is already testing the use of Google Glass to patrol.

How would you feel if the person who you have beside you know who you are? In some places and have forbidden for this very reason. A knowledge that can be used well or badly depending on the user. Will you follow Google banning face recognition in Google Glass

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NameTag, application for Google Glass should never allow install
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February 6, 2014

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