Natalie Portman: “The dreams of Prince Charming can be devastating”


  • The actress has filed Monday in Cannes ‘A tale of love and darkness’, his first film as director in which, in addition, also acts.
  • Adapt an autobiographical account of the writer Amos Oz, which intertwines the epic creation of the State of Israel with his family drama.

 Natalie Portman

actress Natalie Portman nobody can reproach him for his lack of ambition debut Director: adapts a autobiographical writer Amos Oz that intertwines the epic creation of the State of Israel with his family drama

The story of Oz’s mother, played by itself. Portman, is the story of disenchantment with fatal outcome which runs parallel to the difficult birth of Israel as an independent country and as a home for Jews after the Holocaust.

Despite his great intentions, A tale of love and darkness ( A Tale of Love and Darkness ) is received with warmth by viewers in the Cannes that fail to fully connect with the emotional potential of the story.

The character of the mother, called Fania, fantasizes from his childhood in Eastern Europe with a pioneering, intellectual and industrious young man, who embodies their hopes for a better life in the Promised Land. physical and moral decline run in parallel to the collapse of that idyllic image.

“The pioneer of the film is the wrong fantasy of Israel. To me, those dreams of Prince Charming with something that should be in a way that not changed to fit with reality , can be devastating, “says Portman in an interview with international media.

actress, who won an Oscar for black swan , only his penetrating gaze away when asked if he intended to make a patriotic film. “He understood that it was patriotic? It never crossed my mind that it was. For me it is only the context, not know how to make this movie without a view Jewish , that is their context . For me it’s all about the stories we tell and how we frame our identities, “reacts uncomfortable.

Still, the film, like the book of Oz, is a love song Hebrew, the language of their ancestors, and their Israeli origin, where he lived until the age of three when his parents emigrated to the United States. “I learned Hebrew in a somewhat strange, because technically it’s my first language, but at home spoke English. As an adult I rediscovered, and is magical and poetic. is the largest linguistic miracle, because of being an almost dead language , which is only used for prayer, it became what people on the street speech “he says.

True to the story of Amos Oz

Against the critics, who have praised the film but neither have massacred ?? even more considering it is a debut ??, the director found the best vaccine in the own Amos Oz, “the greatest artist who has come Israel “. “It gave me an armor against the opinion of everyone was that Oz saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and was so positive, that made me feel I could breathe. My big concern was that, for him , be faithful to your writing and history “ said.

Inspired by the great filmmakers who have directed throughout his career as Terrence Malick, Mike Nichols or Darren Aronofsky admits that experience in front of cameras helped to temper the nerves to tackling his first experience as a director. Therefore, the greatest difficulties found in the film set in the previous processes and post-production of the film.

“One of the most surprising things was the music. It was much harder than I had imagined , because my instinct was wrong. When you put the music that fits your emotions, and are the same is on screen, everything is duplicated and is too “he says.


Natalie Portman: “The dreams of Prince Charming can be devastating”
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May 19, 2015

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