Neon, the ‘human-artificial’ by Samsung, is only an avatar digital

The international fair more important of the technology sector, the Consumer Electronics Show -more commonly known as CES, its acronym in English-is taking place this week in Las Vegas. And there are few revelations that are going to do in this environment.You may of the most expected of the fair, for its promotion of pre, has been the presentation of ‘Neon’, the ‘human-artificial’ that has developed the division STAR of Samsung, his lab of advanced technology and research. So it created the CEO of the company, Pranav Mistry, anticipation:

however, all the fuss has come to nothing when you have confirmed that these ‘human-artificial’ that Samsung claimed to have developed were, quite simply, a technology type avatar digital.‘Neon’ is a virtual created by computer with the ability to display emotions and intelligence. From the company insist that “this is not a wizard Artificial Intelligence or an interface to the Internet”, but that it is “just a friend”. However, it is far away of what, in the collective imaginary, it is understood by ‘human-artificial’, that is closer to a cyborg than to a hologram.This human CGI -an acronym for ‘computer generated imagery’, ‘computer generated images’- you can connect and learn more about us, acquire new skills and evolve. And speaking hundreds of languages. Could be used for the purposes of entertainment or business to create receptionists digital, customer service, etc, But it is still in its early stages of development and the result is a dialog ‘very robotic’ and very rigid, far from what one can understand as a human. STAR uses a technology call ‘Core R3’ – ‘Reality, Realtime, Responsive’- to create the avatars, and, although they claim that is different from that of the ‘deepfakes’, for example, they do not explain exactly how it works.‘Neon’ has caused a lot of disappointment in the social networking, and the criticisms have fallen by several parts: in the first place, which is displayed at the booth of Samsung are only video captures, “something fictitious and simulated for illustrative purposes only” -this has been recognized by the company-.Others also criticize that it has launched “rush” the project, when you still can’t do what they promise from the STAR that may get you to do. The result is a I want to and I can not for a break-through technology and it seems rather that since Samsung claim that is not: a virtual assistant with a face that still has much to learn.

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Neon, the ‘human-artificial’ by Samsung, is only an avatar digital
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January 11, 2020

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