Netflix buys ‘Mowgli’ Warner: the premiere of the new version of ‘the jungle book’ is delayed to 2019


The news of the day is the (final) sale of Fox to Disney but it has produced another interesting operation that portrays the current state of the Hollywood industry. the Netflix has bought Warner the global distribution rights ‘Mowgli’the new adaptation of ‘the jungle book’ directed by Andy Serkis.

The film, which was supposed to come to theaters in October, delayed to become one of the great premieres of Netflix for 2019. There is still no concrete date. Despite the fact that this means that we will not see this spectacle on the big screen, Serkis, his primary caregiver, has been shown relieved and happy for the agreement in their first statements after the acquisition of Netflix:

“I’m truly excited for Netflix to Mowgli. Now we avoid the comparisons with the other film [the version Disney released in 2016] and it is a relief not to have the pressure. I have seen the 3D version and it is exceptional, a different view of the 2D version, really lush and with a great depth.

What excites me more is the innovation of Netflix at the time of presenting this, and the message of the film. Understand that this is a story dark that doesn’t fit for all over the world. It is not really intended for small children, although I think that it is possible that those who have 10 years or more can see it.

you Always thought to be PG-13 and this allows us to deepen, with themes darker, be sinister and frightening at times. Violence between animals is not free, but it is definitely there. This option allows us to have the film without any compromise.”

that Is, Netflix is going to respect the vision of Serkis. In that sense, it is an excellent news, although the ideal would be that the movie came to the cinemas, albeit in a limited way, for anyone who wants to enjoy it really as it was conceived; because it is not only the tone, is to present it on the big screen. What happened explains why Warner has taken so long to have the film (shot in 2015): they didn’t know what to do with it. This also avoid a likely failure at the box office.

let us Remember that ‘Mowgli’ features a cast headed by Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch and Andy Serkis; it embodies Baloo, Cumberbatch Shere Khan, Blanchett to Kaa and Bale to Bagheera. All of them have been interpreted by the animals thanks to the technology of motion capture, unlike the version of Disney, where only stars gave their voices.

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Netflix buys ‘Mowgli’ Warner: the premiere of the new version of ‘the jungle book’ is delayed to 2019
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