Netflix renews ‘girls on the cable’: the phoners continue their soap opera in season 4

Girls Cable

As they say the own protagonists in the video created for the occasion, “so soon?”. And that is not a week has waited for Netflix to officially confirm that renewsgirls cable‘ for a fourth season.

And we say “confirm” because, despite the fact that until now it was not announced formally, it seemed a reality judging by statements of different actors and responsible for ‘the girls on The wire’. Thus, we can see the new episodes of the series in 2019.

What we already do not know is if it will be before or after the summer. That, bearing in mind that they are short periods, and that already would be time to prepare it, do not rule out that by April/may we have this season 4 of ‘the girls on The wire’, thus repeating that brief interregnum between the first two seasons.

Speculation about dates aside, the truth is that I think that Netflix has found in this production a good philo to hold on in the future. I think that the series works very well and should be relatively “easy” to renew. I have not finished, yet, the third season, but I’m sure that is the make up to make us desirable to reach the new episodes.

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Netflix renews ‘girls on the cable’: the phoners continue their soap opera in season 4
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September 12, 2018

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