Netflix: so they are his other 12 local series

Netflix anunció Just a few days it had reached an agreement with the Bamboo producer to make its first series ...
Netflix: so they are his other 12 local series

Netflix anunció Just a few days it had reached an agreement with the Bamboo producer to make its first series in Spain ago. This is a period drama set during the 20s of the last century in Madrid and one of its great innovations is that episodes will feature only 50 minutes. A step in the right direction to create quality products also in local markets where it is consolidating.

In fact, have been only four years since Netflix released its first series, and interestingly was a collaboration with Norway. Since then announced eleven other series outside the United States, some made in co-production with channels in those countries and in other cases assuming full control over them.

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Some might expect to find a ‘Narcos’ between them, but the truth is that it is a rather special case, as it is true that was filmed in Colombia and an important part of the team were Brazilians, but still an American production, so it was left out of the look at those 12 series that you have then.


a reboot of the Brazilian web series of the same name created by Pedro Aguilera. It is spoken in Portuguese, will lead to a future in which all people are given the opportunity to become part of the good side of a split between progress and devastation society, but only 3% of the candidates succeeds. 7 episodes of one hour that we see on a date yet to be determined 2016.


Netflix: so they are his other 12 local series

the first drama of Netlix sets the action in Emotion, a small fashion house specializing in lingerie upscale. There has begun work Mayuko Tokita, who will struggle to find their place in the company. For now it has been seen a season of 13 episodes lasting approximately 45-50 minutes each and Netflix still has not decided on a possible renewal.

‘Club of Crows’

the first series in Spanish Netflix tells us the power struggle between two brothers to gain control of a football team after the death of the patriarch. A cross between drama and comedy with which the company services Gary Alazraki, who had recently released ‘The Noble Family’, becoming the highest-grossing Mexican film of all time ensured.

13 episodes 40-45 minutes long had its first season, but is already renewed for a second season. Of course, it is still unknown when we can see it.


Netflix: so they are his other 12 local series

a co-production with Canadian chain CityTV created by Michael McGowan that places the action in a city ravaged by a mysterious disease that has claimed the lives of all those with more than 21 years. The reviews were not particularly positive, but City TV and Netflix did not hesitate to renew it after a first season of only six episodes lasting approximately 40-45 minutes each. This year we should be able to see the second.


German His first series, announced last month February, so we could not see anything of it being scheduled to premiere in 2017. Directed by Baran bo Odar, we will tell the story of a German city where the disappearance of two children brings to light the double life and bad relationship among four local families. In addition, you will not miss a supernatural twist that link current events with something that happened in 1986.

The first season will consist of ten episodes and each will last approximately one hour

‘Degrassi: Next Class’.

Made in collaboration with the Canadian channel Family channel, is the fifth installment of the franchise and direct sequel to ‘Degrassi: the Next Generation ‘ -a fact, it was meant to be his fifteenth season, but its cancellation led to his return under another name and in another chain. It is created by Linda Schuyler, Yan Moore, Stephen Stohn, Sarah Glinski and Matt Huether and episodes last approximately 20-22 minutes.

By far only issued a single season, launched by Netflix this past January -in Family Channel premiered a few days earlier, but is already renewed for more whose issue is scheduled for the same 2016.


Shortly before its release in Japan reached an agreement with ** comedian and poet Naoki Matayoshi to adapt his acclaimed novel ‘Hibana’ **, which revolves around the complicated friendship between two comedians. Its premiere should take place during this year, but so far little is known about it.


a political drama starring Mexican actress Kate del Castillo. We will tell the story of Irene Urzua, the wife of the president of Mexico and a woman with a strong personality and clear ideas, so never accept to be subject to her husband. Netflix has now given the green light for 20 episodes, but its release will not take place until the end of 2016.


Netflix: so they are his other 12 local series

The first series of Netflix. Not many seriéfilos have been encouraged to see her, but it was the necessary first step of the company in a direction that has given us great joy, and those that are yet to come, which will surely be many more. It created by Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodvin, is a co-production with the Norwegian channel NRK of three seasons were issued before Netflix decided to cancel it.

His story follows Frank Tagliano, a member mafia New York who betrays his head and becomes part of the witness protection program. Confident that will be a place very calm, choose the Norwegian city of Lilyhammer, which becomes Giovanni “Johnny” Henriksen, but things are soon complicated for him.

‘Lost & Found Music Studios’

His second co-production with Canadian channel Family channel is created by Frank Van Keeken and is a spin-off of ‘the Next Step’. This time had a few dancers to musicians involved in a number of extracurricular activities with the aim of finding their own musical identity. This past April 1 was the date chosen by Netflix to release it and its episodes last approximately 25 to 30 minutes


His first adventure in French, for which they have ensured the presence of Gérard Depardieu. Created by Dan Franck -‘Résistance’-, still we have to wait until next May 5 to see the eight episodes that comprise his first season. Its story revolves around the power struggle between the mayor of Marseille -¡25 years in office -. With whom was his protege to gain control of the city


it seems logical that for its first series in Italian apostasen by a criminal drama. For now great detail about the history of the series they are not known, but it will be related to politicians, the Vatican and the mafia, not missing corruption, money laundering, drugs and prostitution. 10 episodes will have its first season, which is still not entirely clear whether it will be released in late 2016 or already in 2017.

By the way, behind ‘Suburra’ find a Cattleya producer ‘Roma Criminal’ company and ‘Gomorra ‘

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Tele Go! | Netflix announces, finally, its first series in Spain, a period drama with Bamboo

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