New and futuristic Nike shoes are tied alone

The new and futuristic Nike shoes are tied alone

Does anyone remember the announcement of Nike and Michael J. Fox creating expectations that Nike Mag ‘ Back to the Future? Well, today presented the first Nike shoes with laces tied alone you can buy.

HyperAdapt 1.0 , the spearhead of a new platform development, research and Nike shoes under a premise. cords that tied alone

the shoes are the product of digital engineering , electrical and mechanical company to produce something designed to be shod. It seems simpler than it is, because it is totally different from the rules of subjection and tied traditional sports. The system also is controlled .

“As you put them [the shoes] your active stand a sensor that sends tying shoelaces automatically , “explains Tiffany Beers, project leader. “Then, thanks to two buttons on the side, the athlete can adjust the firmness of the grip until it is perfect.”

Beyond the futurists who look Nike believes that the shoes will provide real benefits to allowing athletes shoe fit the foot much more accurate than traditional laces, something they believe will be a great advantage for elite athletes who train several hours a day. Here in action.



as a “platform”, as Nike says, it is possible that Max Air or Jordan of the future come with this innovative and futuristic fastening system or tied.

You will be offered for sale to end of 2016 in three colors. The price has not been announced, but any interested party may purchase through the Nike + application, just renewed application .


New and futuristic Nike shoes are tied alone
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March 16, 2016

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