New bets from Apple: augmented reality, 3D sensor and iPhone 5G

Lovers of Apple what were hoping for: confirms the rumors about the launch of devices with augmented reality systems and virtual reality (AR and VR, for its acronym in English). At approximately this same date, a couple of years ago the giant media Bloomberg announced that Apple was working on augmented reality goggles, with a forecast to be released in 2020. Today we know that those times will not be met and it seems that we will have to wait at least two more years.As reported now international media such as The Information, or Bloomberg, Apple plans to launch a new helmet system with combined AR and VR in 2022. This would be followed by a sunglasses technology augmented reality 2023. To comply with these dates, the company has around to 1,000 engineers working on this new operating system, called internally ‘rOS’ (‘reality operating system’ in English).The new hull will be focused towards the sector gaming, but without forgetting the watch videos or even its use for virtual meetings. Will use cameras externas to ‘map’ the user’s environment, and the availability of a display high internal resolution that allow you to overlay virtual objects in the real world.In terms of the glasses, what is known of them to date is that, unlike the hull, are designed to be used for longer periods, and that its design will be like a “sunglasses, high-end mount is very thick” which will be built-in the battery and the chips. It seems that in addition to their lenses could darken when they are operating, so that others know that the user is using and, thus, is busy.These devices will have a new sensor 3D based on the current sensor FaceID Apple, but more sophisticated. The rumors indicate the first half of 2020 as the date of launch of the renovated iPad Pro, which will have a module with two sensors and rear camera, and a small hole for the 3D system, which will allow users to create three-dimensional reconstructions of rooms, objects and people.We will have to wait a little bit more, although it is also planned for the coming year, to be iPhone with this technology, which is applied to the high-end models. In addition to the smartphone you have connectivity 5G.
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New bets from Apple: augmented reality, 3D sensor and iPhone 5G
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December 2, 2019

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