New card in Google Now: An odometer to see how much you ride and walk

Google is not to these days between new terminals, new updates to Gmail, Hangout, etc, now add a novelty rather than interesting to Google Now .

In the familiar card weather, news or calendar reminders, now completes the list a somewhat different and more dynamic if possible, than the above . I’ve seen these cards around the internet, but I have not had the opportunity to try it, because at the moment there appears to everyone.

This is a card that shows how we walked for the last month, or failing that, riding bike , curiously as it is a quick way to know if we are using the oldest means of transport is known (at least to humans) . I found it very curious this new addition, and it may be one of the more cards you use.

Now Google is updated recently, but never talked about this card, so many have been caught by surprise to see it and discover this data , but I’m eager to try to see what possibilities offered. May allow us to share with our brands or even G+ with other social networks, and imagine that we can keep a record to see our progress.

For the time is coming progressively so as soon as you have, you know , comentadlo Express your opinion and what you think. Does anyone already have it?

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New card in Google Now: An odometer to see how much you ride and walk
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November 2, 2012

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