New feature of Titanium Backup: Saves all your apps in a zip [ROOT]

Free On Android you have repeated a thousand times that Titanium Backup is certainly the best backup application there. While that requires root and the interface is quite simple, the amount of things we can do with it far outweighs any but.

New Functionality

so far could do many things: copy applications, restore, freeze, forcing desinstalización, etc. Even at the time we explained how to a regular backup through Dropbox or Google Drive . Even for those of you more I explained liabais and work step by step .

Well, in the latest PRO version upgrades have added a feature that makes these worth buying the version of payment: Creating zip files containing all our apps + data . Almost nothing. This means that when changing ROM or reinstall applications want a new phone, we will not have to throw us 30 minutes restoring applications. Now just create a zip file with all of them and flash it from recovery.

How do I do?

Step 1: Requirements

Logically needed be root and have a recovery installed. But on the other hand, like to use Titanium Backup does not take root, I guess at this point you probably know all that talk.

Care : If you have no idea what is to be root or recovery, NO Do nothing of this. Begin by simple things such as give you a tour of our target=”_blank”> . If you want to know how to rooting any Android phone, do not hesitate to stop by .

Step 2 Make


as simple as having the PRO version of Titanium Backup , go to batch operations section (top right corner) and select “Create backup app + data.”

Step 3 Restore

Simply enter recovery mode and flash the file . In less than a minute you have your phone as always: D

That said, an excellent new functionality essential for ROMs lover.

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New feature of Titanium Backup: Saves all your apps in a zip [ROOT]
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