New Gear Samsung S, the curved display SmartWatch is official

 Samsung New Gear gear s S, the curve display SmartWatch is official

rumors proved to be true, but to the surprise of many, Samsung introduced its new S Gear before expected.

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After having launched the Wear Gear Live with Android, Samsung wants to continue betting on the Tizen platform for their devices laptops. And while total and 5 are the SmartWatchs launched by the company in less than a year, sales are still not expected.

Although unfortunately the new Samsung Android Gear Wear Just do not run, we will little mention of their capabilities in both its hardware and software Tizen OS itself the South Korean company.


To begin, we see that the Samsung S Gear is new in every way. Although the screen is not round as rumored, a curved design itself takes more accurately a curved Super AMOLED display of 2 inches with resolution of 360 x 440 pixels, a considerable size to be a smart watch, and a dual-core processor. 1 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, 4GB of memory and a 300 mAh battery which according to Samsung, is sufficient to last up to two days per charge

 Samsung Blue Black 2 S Gear New Gear Samsung S, the curve display SmartWatch is official

In addition to their similar home button to see highlights Galaxy smartphones in the company.


Last but not least, the SIM card slot. We are at the first smart watch that has 3G, so that will not depend on a smartphone because we can use this as a phone SmartWatch.

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To make matters worse the Gear S comes with bluetooth to sync with other devices, and access, to surf safely without worrying about data consumption.

Functions and Applications

Samsung has significantly improved the function S Voice in Tizen, and its new Gear Only users will have better control of their SmartWatch through voice commands, something that certainly significantly improves the user experience.

The navigation in this case is through the application of Nokia maps HERE. While on the other side of the social, the device has the Facebook application so that users do not lose details in the most popular social network.


Although it is quite elegant, Gear S may also be used for fitness, in fact comes with applications like Nike + Running, S Health, enough to control and monitor our health.

In a nutshell, the Samsung Gear S it’s a phone on our wrist.


For now Samsung did not disclose the price of Gear S, however, announced that is in the market from October through. their usual distribution channels


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