New Gmail 4.7. Now we can attach any file type, auto answer, Google Cloud Print and more


If you are of those who are all day glued to our Android device to read and send emails, surely one of the things that bother us most of the official Gmail application is that it was not able to accept many types of compressed attachments, all in the name of security. Many users viewed this made little sense, and now it finally solved with the 4.7 version of the app

This is the main novelty of Gmail 4.7. possible attach and download more file types in our emails. In particular, we can now download compressed files in zip, gzip or tar. In addition, when writing a message and we are not limited to attach an image or a video as before, but we can choose any type of file stored in your device.

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Other new features include compatibility with Google Cloud Print , the print function KitKat Android 4.4, so we can print all messages from a conversation, or select those that interest us. addition, an interesting feature of the forthcoming festivities includes automatic response. This option now appears in the setup menu of our own, thanks to which we can define the hours and days that we are not available. If we send an email during that time, the app will automatically respond with the message we decide. Other improvements include better performance in devices with low amount of memory.

The Gmail update should be coming to all users over the next few hours, but s i can not wait you can use the link below.

Download Gmail 4.7 for Android

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New Gmail 4.7. Now we can attach any file type, auto answer, Google Cloud Print and more
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December 12, 2013

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