New Google Play depth: Advantages and disadvantages of redesign and its operation


News of the day without Doubt is complete redesign Site of Google Play . As the reference point for all Android users, is a page in the front line when teaching what the operating system capabilities. And the truth is that it is a new version that took longer. The application was updated a few months ago , and since then both versions have been different, something that at least does not give good image and misleading.

 google-play-app-1  google-play-web-1

Therefore, the new page of Google Play collects designs app and applies them to the web, and I must say that the result is almost identical. You only have to compare the two images to see users who come from the Android application will feel at ease on the web . This clearly is a plus, but is it really better? A website and an application is not well controlled. The screen sizes are different and a mouse control and another press on the screen. Therefore having the same design can be counterproductive.


The web version of Google Play has large icons, huge holes for applications, songs and movies, and that means we’ll have to scroll a lot. note that everything is made to be pressed with a finger instead of with a mouse . And we have to press more than ever, as some options that were on the front page are now buried under several links. For example, we can not access the games directly from the cover, but we have to go into “Applications”. This is just one example of the “conversion” directly from the app.

However, not all bad news. For example, the web is much faster than before . Click on an application and view its contents is almost instantaneous, and thanks to AJAX load only a portion of the page, and not have to charge full every time you click on a link as before.


The view of the applications has improved enough. Now it is much cleaner and is better addressed. If before the app name and icon were on one side of the web, now occupy the center of the screen, in a block rather large. Interestingly, removed the header image used hitherto Application . Instead, the icon now has more importance, so if you are developers will have to work it better. Similarly, the fact that the images are not now but in png format WebP will reduce the bandwidth required, but will annoy many for not being a format as used with few tools to make it.


The comments section has received a major upgrade. Now these are hidden by default, and apart from the scores, only two comments are the most prominent. The truth is that is very well, and even now we understand a little Google compel users to use their Google+ accounts. The photos and the names are in a very professional manner along with opinions, and that is something that will appeal to the creators of apps. To access the reviews, we have to press the arrow on the right, and gives the feeling that they are “hidden”. Having to make another click to view comments usability is a failure, and remove from view a section that for many people is the most important.


But without a doubt, the worst of the web is Google Play performance . In some systems it is a page that is likely to cause slowdowns. When I opened the Chrome task manager, I noticed that the tab of Google Play occupied almost 200 MB of RAM, a lot. By comparison, very complete web application as Feedly occupied just 160 MB.


Not only that, but the use of various animation effects caused on my computer (a dual core with 4GB of RAM) peaks constant 100% CPU usage . Depending on the operating system these peaks reached up to 30%, and even the main page asks for 10% of the processor, doing absolutely nothing. But the truth is that it is the first time we see this problem. Google+ redesign causes peak usage thereof, to the extent that causes slowdowns sign on my computer. Do you also you the same thing happens to you?

Anyway, the redesign of Google Play like a lot of people, but it is also true that certain details will be hated by many users . This is true with all the redesigns, but it is hoped that as used and vital site for Android users receive a more thorough analysis by these. And you, do you like it?

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New Google Play depth: Advantages and disadvantages of redesign and its operation
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July 16, 2013

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