New official website of Cyanogen: products and info on his new Camera Apps, and Themes Gallery

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We have said repeatedly that CyanogenMod long since ceased to be a mere ago ROMs. The company already gave a few weeks ago a big step renewing its entire corporate image, which now has a much more serious aspect, an entire company moves over his time as a group of “cooks” trying to take the user a more personalized experience Android.

The presentation of the expected OnePlus One , about which I have all its details and features , it is also a very important step Cyanogen. is the first smartphone to run exclusively manufactured under CM 11S in their new version. Now, take another leap presenting its new official website.

A great showcase for OnePlus One

 OnePlus one perso

now the new official website Cyanogen will but an abbreviated form of the name easily identifiable. With a fresh look, with blue color that characterizes the brand, find their featured products. As there first is OnePlus One , with CyanogenMod factory 11S .

find all the details and features that CM brings to 11S EPO, could even go through the official website of the terminal, so we realize meaning of this smartphone for them. We also have references to Oppo N1 , specifically bringing CyanogenMod Edition preinstalled, but not everything revolves around devices.

More details on upcoming Apps Camera, Gallery Stores and Themes

In this product category there is also space for software they have created. On one hand the Installer CM , which we talked and allows flash easily and in a few steps, and on the other their native Apps for we had not much news and still advertised as “soon disposibles”.

gallery OnePlus one

These are the new Gallery in which they are working and now give us more details. We currently have all our photos spread over the phone, social networks and other storage options, with the new App all be integrated (Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox and G+) in it and can be accessed from one place, it looks great

The House of CyanogenMod also will be released soon, already talked about it a few weeks ago. New interface will clear up to 15 filters and effects live, direct to different modes (photo, video or panoramic) access so you never miss a moment, support for gestures and many photographic settings for you to do your best catch (exposure, balance, colors, light, etc..)

cyanogenmod camera another step in advancing Cyanogen

Finally also this new shop items , from which to access icons, backgrounds , complete themes, sounds, and more bootanimations. A fundamental aspect of the many customization options characterizes CyanogenMod.

 cyanogenmod themes

As you can see the web is loaded with many new features from it you can also access the blog of the brand, and your members that make up the company, and Finally there is also a direct link to , the previous website that will keep time to accommodate the multiple versions of the ROM , help forums and announcements concerning them

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New official website of Cyanogen: products and info on his new Camera Apps, and Themes Gallery
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