New trailer for Hellblade: Zenua’s Sacrifice

It teaches us to Zenua and his inner demons.
This morning, Ninja Theory announced the name change Hellblade , which happened to be called Hellblade: Zenua’s Sacrifice , distributing now new trailer .
In newly released trailer for the game to hit PC and PlayStation 4 simultaneously generated in real time completely thanks to technology Unreal Engine 4 shows the protagonist, Zenua , being besieged by a series of voices . Ninja Theory has already made it clear that the mental health, and the demons themselves of the heroine of the game, will be vital in the argument.
Hellblade: Zenua’s Sacrifice be a action game in the third person with close combat a body in which history and fiction have a very important role. In it we will have to accompany Zenua on a journey into hell itself .
We leave you with the new trailer and the new video-related development and scanning . technology translational motion capture to play


 New trailer Hellblade: Zenua's Sacrifice
 New trailer Hellblade : Zenua's Sacrifice


New trailer for Hellblade: Zenua’s Sacrifice
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March 17, 2016

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