Nintendo Switch becomes to be the console most sold in Japan

Followed by the PS4.

Media Create has revealed a week what were consoles more sold in Japan during the past seven days.

Nintendo Switch has managed to sell 44.052 new units, allowing it to be one more week, the hardware most loved among the japanese users. Although the best-selling game of the week is PES 2018 for PlayStation consoles, the console of Nintendo is in the first place. In the second place, find to PlayStation 4 with 24.710 new consoles, of which the vast majority belong to the standard model.

Nintendo Switch and manages to sell 44.000 new units in the last seven days in the lands of nippon

In third place we have the family of portable consoles Nintendo 3DS, which, combining all of its versions and models reach a total of 21.565 machines sold.

console Sales in Japan from 11 to 17 September 2017

1. Switch – 44.052
1. PlayStation 4 – 24.710 (of which 19.322 are the basic model and 5.338 PS4 Pro)
2. Nintendo 3DS – 21.565 (of which 10.650 correspond to the New 3DS XL, 8.761 a 2DS XL, 1.726 to 2DS and 428 to New 3DS)
3. PlayStation Vit – 3.847
4. PlayStation 3 – 99
5. Wii U – 86
6. Xbox One – 57

Nintendo Switch becomes to be the console most sold in Japan
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September 20, 2017

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