Nintendo Switch use browser NetFront Browser NX

It is used for different functions, but is not freely available to the user.

even Though Nintendo Switch does not include the functionality of browsing the web directly, yes account with a browser, which is used in different circumstances, such as when attempting to access a wifi wireless network that requires you enter your username and password in a web interface, such as for example a hotspot. It is also used to configure the Account Nintendo or upload images to social networks, for example.

The browser console is the Netfront Browser NX, that is to say, it is based on the same which has been used in Wii U and the entire family of Nintendo 3DS systems, including the New Nintendo 3DS. Access Co., the company responsible for this browser, has confirmed its integration in Switch.

Your browser uses technology WebKit, for which reason in tweets published from the console with screenshots made by users is identified (wrongly) as Safari, the browser of Apple, which is also based on WebKit.

Is compatible with the current standards of the web, such as HTML5, CSS, Gamepad API, WebP, WebSocket and HTTP Cache. To these characteristics we must add that the differentiating factor of this browser is that it uses very few resources and has been customized for the console to improve the sense of movement of the web on the screen.

Despite this, Nintendo has decided not to integrate as a functionality separate that allows the user to use your console to browse the web normally, and we don’t know yet whether to include it in some future update that will give more margin of maneuver to the user.

Nintendo Switch use browser NetFront Browser NX

Nintendo Switch use browser NetFront Browser NX
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