Nintendo would be working on reviving a game ‘dead and buried’

it would Be to retrieve a project that was shelved.

The catalog of intellectual properties of Nintendo has a considerable size and that causes you to have a certain amount of sagas that take a lot of time without adding new deliveries, or that would preclude the development of some games to give priority to other. Now, Imran Khan, a senior editor of the magazine Game Informer has indicated that according to their information the japanese company would be working in revive a game “dead and buried”.

Khan has participated in the program “Kinda Funny Games Daily,” where it has been suggested that it has insider information about the resurrection of a saga abandoned by Nintendo.

“Let me give you a hint of something, I guess. This is something that I’m going to write at some point as soon as you get more sources,” he said, suggesting that at least has information from a source but would be working on getting some confirmation that confirms what I figured out.

There is a game that we think is dead and that Nintendo is reviving, and it is not one that people would expect. It is a title that was dead and buried; cancelled of official form”, indicates Khan.

therefore, it seems that it would be a Nintendo game that was abandoned, but now the company has decided to give a new opportunity for its development. In the same way seems to suggest that the title had been announced, but that was cancelled. This would rule out the recovery of any series that simply carry a long time without adding new deliveries, such as F-Zero.

Nintendo would be working on reviving a game ‘dead and buried’
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February 17, 2019

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