No accessories can be connected to the USB port Google Nexus 4

 No attachments can be connected to the USB port of the Google Nexus 4

With this news we found this very moment, something becomes very explicit by the firm, who mentioned that under no mechanism may operate any type of USB accessories on port connecting the Google Nexus 4.

Having made mention of the various USB accessories, the company Google wants to make clear in a timely manner to keyboards, mice and also to different joysticks that could be used for gaming. None deellos work if the connection reaches into the USB port of the Google Nexus 4, because there is simply no support for those peripherals. However, concerns that have come to different USB flash drives manufacturers have joined the accessories and peripherals to be as uncertain if these storage devices, would also be on that list.

A change of terms in the user manual of the Google Nexus 4

That is the most anecdotal exists because a few hours ago it was notice a change in the online manual for the Google Nexus 4 and which ensures incompatibility that would exist between the USB port and the accessories . The solution offered by Google to its users is trying to use Bluetooth connectivity to pair the mobile phone with accessories similar technology, but also in the same direction the user is cautioned that this situation could actually discharge the battery faster than usual.

USB pendrive Different manufacturers had planned to present users of the Google Nexus 4 models that looked at 8 and 16 GB with the aim of increasing the storage space so externally. Due to this announcement offered by Google, and can not be closed one of these devices to your phone , making the mobile phone becomes an island either unable to connect micro SD cards for the absence of his slot in the mobile phone.

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Source – AndroidCentral

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No accessories can be connected to the USB port Google Nexus 4
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December 9, 2012

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