Non-Google Maps, in a town of Sardinia for tourists not to be lost

Baunei is a town in the Italian island of Sardinia in which are already more than used to rescue tourists lost in the rugged landscape, belonging to the mountain range of the Supramonte. In the past two years, 144 tourists have had to be rescued. But the blame, according to the mayor, is Google Maps, reports The World.Salvatore Corrias, it’s called the alderman, has waged a war to not use this application: “there Are too many cars, sometimes even 4×4, you are stuck in impassable roads,” he says, “and all for following the directions of Google Maps, which, in our roads, are often deceptive”.One of the last cases between two tourists who were stuck with a Porsche rented in a path of goats leading to a rescue of high-cost both for the local authorities, as well as for tourists themselves.Corrias said that they have contacted Google to verify its indications: “we have not Yet seen anything concrete,” she laments. So I resorted to plan ‘b’: post signs with this motto: “do Not follow the directions of Google Maps.”“It’s better for you to follow the instructions of the traffic signs, signals or reliable maps of the whole of life. And better yet, come to our expert guides: none will be in danger to hikers,” says the first mayor.
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Non-Google Maps, in a town of Sardinia for tourists not to be lost
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October 24, 2019

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