Now you can enjoy the WhatsApp for Android Backup Google Drive, so it works

If you have not yet enabled you the backup to Google Drive WhatsApp not wait. The latest version of WhatsApp for Android there for download from (version 2.12 .241) select this option expected.

Thanks to backup on Google Drive always have to save all our talks WhatsApp, including images, videos, notes Voice and audio . What goes around to our account in the cloud Google Drive to reinstall WhatsApp to recover all our conversations


Save backup on Google Drive

Keep your messages and files to Google Drive. You can restore them when reinstall WhatsApp. Your messages and files will also be stored in the internal storage of your phone

WhatsApp and Google Drive

After updating WhatsApp for Android further notice we invited to activate the backup to Google Drive appears us . To activate just we have to select a frequency for backups (daily, weekly or monthly) and select our Google account. We can also turn this option from Settings> Chats and calls> Backup

WhatsApp and Google Drive

Here Settings> Chats and calls> Backup when you see He performed the last backup on the phone and in Google Drive and the option for manual storage. Autosave will dawn, at 3:00 PM.

From the Settings section Google Drive can say about that we want copies networks (Wi-Fi only, or Wi become Fi and mobile data) and adjust the frequency back where we find the new option to manually copy touching the save button.

WhatsApp and Google Drive

WhatsApp in each backup only go to Google Drive the new conversations and files . Also, as expected cloud removed from files and conversations we no longer have in our device . We will always have in Google Drive an exact copy of the conversations and files you have in that moment WhatsApp. These are hidden files in Google Drive , only the WhatsApp application can access them, therefore we can not see them from Drive.

Restore backup from Google Drive

WhatsApp and Google Drive

Once the backup to Google Drive on, when we install new WhatsApp for Android appears to us the option to restore messages and files from our account to leave Google Drive application as was since the last backup. Therefore, it is recommended that the copy is made every day or do it manually when we know we’re going to change mobile or will re-install the application or delete all your data.

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Now you can enjoy the WhatsApp for Android Backup Google Drive, so it works
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August 19, 2015

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