Nvidia Shield finally lands in Spain but … could choose an alternative?

Nvidia Shield finally lands in Spain but … could choose an alternative?

In March last year announced the Nvidia Shield, a console with Android TV for the first time, could be used for televisions with 4K screens. It’s been over a year until he came to Spain, at a price of 199 €, less than consoles latest brands like Sony or Microsoft desktop price.

His arrival marks a new path go for those who want to enjoy video games and do not want to spend money on consoles more traditional brands, but this is not the only competition that has our dear Nvidia Shield, but has other competitors, perhaps less known


major competitors Nvidia Shield could be Ouya or Xiaomi

Nvidia Shield finally lands in Spain but … could choose an alternative?

Po hand we have to run Ouya, which managed launch your game console through a Kickstarter campaign, which in just 24 hours they got a whopping 2 million when “only” 950,000 needed. At the end of the campaign, Ouya had raised (grab the chair) average of more than $ 8 million.

All this happened in 2012, and in 2015, the company’s technology products for gamers Razer Inc. Ouya bought for 10 million dollars. However, and although it was intended to launch a new version of Ouya in 2014, no one knew anything about this console, and there is no clear rumors that go into being.

On the other hand we have Xiaomi, which could compete with the Nvidia Shield using your Xiaomi Mi Box, which is also compatible with 4K screens and brings Android TV inside. The newest version has not yet appeared, and it is supposed to do so for this year, and that can be a real problem for Nvidia.

True, the Shield will have the advantage that for when you leave the my Box, and take time available and the price at which it is sold, the more adventurous gamers will not hesitate to pay a reasonable price for a good console. He also played for Nvidia that Xiaomi not yet sold in Spain, which undoubtedly will make you lose many buyers in our country.

Chances are that when the Chinese brand console goes on sale, can be purchased through Amazon, and people who are informed, possibly find that it’s price is more than competent. We know everyone Xiaomi and penchant for selling great products for very low prices, surely the My Box is no exception.

Is it worth buying a console with Android TV today?

Nvidia Shield finally lands in Spain but … could choose an alternative?

This is a question that depends on each person. The Nvidia Shield undoubtedly has a very attractive price, but we face a small problem: variety of titles. It is relatively new, true, but if they want to take care of the project to the fullest and get profitability, need a good collection of games that will convince buyers.

In terms of operation should not have problems, because the processor gives life to the Nvidia Shield is the Nvidia Tegra X1, a processor capable of moving in 4K screen resolutions without further ado. Another problem that we see is the lack of storage, with only 16 GB you will not be able to enjoy all you want, but comes with the ability to expand with microSD cards.

In my opinion, and taking note that they do not have the audience with traditional Play Station and Xbox in their latest versions, see interesting Nvidia Shield for now. To tip over on bringing more titles to take out a new version and, especially, come to Spain before the apocalypse.

But if you’re an adventurous gamer, do you think has a good future and like try new things, the Nvidia Shield is the best Android TV console with which you can do. A performance level probably will do very well and will gradually getting more titles. Who knows, you may in the future change his mind and want to try one of these devices.

And one last thing you might want to consider is that if you will not use it only as a game console, can use it as a video game streaming platform with Grid service, so do not get bored

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