Nvidia shows what he is capable of Tegra 4 in benchmarks and games


When the new generation of SoC (System on Chip) Nvidia was announced with the name from Tegra 4 , all we could say is “wow”. Not only for the four processor included, but for the 72 GPU 3D performance that ensured that we could not even imagine. There is still some time before we see a device with Tegra 4, since the end of the year or early 2014 will not appear on the market the first models, including one of ZTE .

So in this MWC Nvidia has decided to show the performance of the range of chipsets with two prototypes: a tablet and a phone call Phoenix with Tegra chipsets Tegra 4 and 4i respectively. These devices are nothing special and do not go on sale as they only serve to show the power of Nvidia Tegra Tegra 4 and 4i. And what power.


In the benchmarks on which tested the tablet with Tegra 4 the score to quite far outstrips all rivals, including the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 . Yes, Nvidia should have very careful with Qualcomm and devices like the HTC One that are putting the batteries in 3D performance, but if launching Tegra 4 not delayed too should not be a problem. To put things in perspective, in the AnTuTu benchmark the HTC One got a score of 22,678, while that Tegra 4 received 36 317 . Things went the same way with the other benchmarks, as with Quadrant, which won the One HTC and Tegra 4 11 746 16 593. Zombie Driver is the only game that can be tested by now, but it’s a good title to show his power.

Meanwhile the Tegra 4i was presented as a alternative to the current manufacturers of chipsets for smartphones. It is a chipset with the same basic properties as the Tegra 4, but something castrated and with more attention to energy and communications with LTE. Phoenix is the name of the prototype that had this chip, and with its five-inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution is sure to become the benchmark for future Tegra manufacturers choose to include in their devices 4i. The games listed as Real Boxing show some of the possibilities, not only in terms of graphical effects but fluency.

How much 4i Tegra Tegra 4 as will become serious rivals in the market for tablets and high-end smartphones is a fact, but there are still doubts whether his design philosophy is right in the mobile domain. Unlike other manufacturers, Nvidia is centered get the most performance per watt possible , but it remains to see if they have achieved given the current battery capacity. He has decided not to support the latest version of Open GL ES hiding behind that developers can get the same result with the current libraries. But as we have stated earlier in this article, there are still months to the final release, and until then opponents as Qualcomm have something to say .


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Nvidia shows what he is capable of Tegra 4 in benchmarks and games
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February 27, 2013

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