NYCC 2015: ‘Mr. Robot ” Agents of SHIELD ‘,’ Once upon a time ‘and’ Limitless’ star in the second day


The NYCC is Saturday, but yesterday there were enough sessions and series in New York that left fans wanting to know more. Friday was the day of the premiere, with ‘ Limitless “and” Mr. Robot ‘, of series that have never been through San Diego, as’ The Americans ‘, and securities and veterans move enough fans always a case of’ Once upon a time “and” Teen Wolf ‘, among others. It was also the day of SHIELD agents, both current and past.


The series rookie CBS had his first contact with the audience after its premiere, revealing anecdotes of filming and pointing, for example, that Bradley Cooper will reappear in the series , in the sixth (which Entertainment Weekly has a prior). Jake McDorman and Jennifer Carpenter made it clear that the relationship between their two characters will never be romantic (similar to what happens in another way CBS series, ‘Elementary‘), and Carpenter also told how different he was the agent of Rebecca Harris Debra Morgan Hats and language.

‘Mr. Robot’ and ‘Colony’


The creator of ‘Mr. Robot ‘Sam Esmail, and major players took to the stage to discuss the NYCC especially some aspects of the first season and Esmail try to get some information about the second. No gave too many clues, but Mr. Robot reappear , and it would be “dark, bloody turns dark.” If he said it would explore a little last dynamic between Elliot and Darlene and what was the germ Fsociety.

As part of ‘Colony’ , the other set of USA present at Comic-Con in New York, the name revealed a new character, Geronimo, and repeated, more or less, like the series counted en San Diego . Recall that features an alien invasion and is co-created by Carlton Cuse, with Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies as protagonists. It is released in January.

‘Once upon a time ‘

It is common for attendees at the round tables in the NYCC see chapters that week of the present series. That’s what happened with ‘ Once upon a time ‘, and discussion after the episode focused on Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz ensuring that, from the beginning, estaba in their plans make Emma fell to the dark side, but the only thing they did not know when. On the other hand, announced that they would have a double strand in November with Merida, Mulan and Ruby as protagonists, and little else that Kitsis and Horowitz are not one to reveal too much about upcoming stories.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ and ‘Agent Carter’


The two series of Marvel ABC shared session, in which he discussed how ‘Agents of SHIELD’ will be dealing with all Inhuman they will go appearing in the series. Clark Gregg joked , when asked if the series would at some point mutants (the X-Men), that “I grew up reading comics about mutants in the subway, but are in the area of ​​copyright frightening”. It was emphasized that the new season of ‘Agents of SHIELD’ deal with humanity in all its characters, but no major announcements about it.

if any in the section on ‘Agent Carter ‘, which unveiled a special poster your second season for the convention and announced some new characters to be seen in these chapters. For example, we meet Anna, the wife of Jarvis, which interprets Lotte Verbeek and Whitney Frost also appear, or what is the same, Madame Masque. The fans could also watch a short clip with Jarvis teaching Peggy “special car” Howard Stark in Los Angeles. On the other hand, ‘Agents of SHIELD’ is in the center of the rumor that points to Marvel Studios podría have canceled the film ‘Inhumans’ by competing with the television division. As we say, it’s just a rumor.

‘Teen Wolf’

The fifth season of ‘ Teen Wolf ‘ is being broadcast on MTV divided into two, and as the second half will not arrive until January 5 , the series took NYCC to launch a trailer of these new chapters. In it around several old acquaintances in the series, as Chris Argent is appreciated, and it also seems that the relationship between Scott and Stiles will not go through the best of times.

‘Stitchers’ and’ The Librarians ‘

A few series of ABC Family (próximamente, Freeform ) were also passed by the NYCC. ‘ Stitchers ‘, for example, about a young woman who is connected to the recently deceased minds to investigate their deaths, announced it will issue un Halloween special chapter, which a trailer is taught and said that he would have moments of humor and odd scare. It was also confirmed that not solve the frames that were left open at the end of the first season.

The Librarians ‘, meanwhile, showed no progress in their second season, but hinted that the first chapter show how the characters react to a major disaster in New York. The equipment operates better in the second season together , a topic that everyone will realize, and will explore new sides of all its members.

‘The Americans’

One of the most peculiar series to make an appearance at NYCC is’ The Americans ‘. It is not a title that certainly seems material Comic-Con, but as conference in New York last year testing out their creators and protagonists of the convention was that they renamed it “ Commie with ( commie is an abbreviation of communist in English). The experience this weekend was repeated, but Joel Fields, her co showrunner , did not reveal almost nothing about the fourth season. They noted some of the most striking moments of the third (that suitcase …) and anecdotes like tienne a wig which is nicknamed “Felicity”, and has since everyone but Keri Russell is revealed.

Tomorrow the summary of the “big” day, Saturday sessions, which include ‘ Daredevil “and” Jessica Jones’, the revival X Files ‘ or ‘ Ash vs the Evil Dead ‘.

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NYCC 2015: ‘Mr. Robot ” Agents of SHIELD ‘,’ Once upon a time ‘and’ Limitless’ star in the second day
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October 10, 2015

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