OmniSwitch, multitasking OmniROM, now available for any device with OmniSnitch


Multitasking is something that many Android developers want implemented. Applications continually bring you a new experience of using multitasking, from showing you a range of applications around the finger to a floating window with multiple options, which is to be discussed today are created.

I already we talked about OmniSwitch , the new multitasking in floating window developed by OmniROM and they would bring their ROMs default . Of course, many developers have enjoyed this new utility and have extracted to port it to other devices. If something is good, why not make it affordable for everyone?

This is what I thought an important member of XDA and decided to draw from the latest nightlies OmniROM your new utility OmniSwitch . And you could have it all without installing OmniROM created OmniSnitch , an installer for OmniSwitch incorporate any Android version 4.0 + .

A floating window to much

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OmniSwitch window is made up of three sections that are displayed when we deploy the floating window from the edge of the screen.

First, a section of shortcuts to settings where you can enable / disable WiFi, close all background applications , simulate home button and return to the last application you’ve been . Below, we will find a scrollable list of all applications running in the background . To access another application’ll just click the icon. And finally, if you click on the arrow which is placed below the recent applications show favorite apps you’ve set .


In the settings menu can configure various aspects of the application, as favorite applications or trigger zone OmniSwitch . In addition we can also configure the shortcuts to settings that we want to display. Great port, no doubt.


If you want to enjoy OmniSwitch , we will install OmniSnitch . This descargáis this file and instaláis such in your device. My advice is to seat reiniciéis your Android installation, though this is optional, of course.

OmniSnitch is support with versions Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 , Jelly Bean 4.1 – 4.3 and KitKat 4.4 . So if you have some of these versions, you want new features on your Android and you like OmniSwitch I instaladlo.

also clarify that NO root permissions is required for installation and operation of this application. So if you are not root you have no need to worry

IMPORTANT . If I give some kind of failure installing the application, instaladla by File Browser . For me it worked.

Once again, thanks to the Android scene for bringing us these fantastic port to other users.

Had you wanted to come out to light a port OmniSwitch for your Android?, do you like OmniSwitch?, comentad below.

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OmniSwitch, multitasking OmniROM, now available for any device with OmniSnitch
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February 9, 2014

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